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Boss glitch in wizard city

Mar 06, 2013
when i defeated lady blackhope at level 2 (was bored and wanted to just defeat bosses while I didnt have member,) and I got a strange beast pet, dont know why i got it but could someone tell me why I used to have a level 40 ice wizard on old account and every time I battled the wizard city bosses for fun, I never got any pets or anything.

Level 22 Balance wizard 2nd school Myth

Feb 08, 2013
sometimes a boss will sometimes drop a pet, but it is a very rare chance! you are so lucky!
I have a level 21 ice(Joshua dragonshard), and its happened twice to me

Mar 26, 2010
It's fun to beat all the WC bosses especially when you're currently not a member.
What I like to do is get all the pets that are dropped by a boss.
If you want, take a look at this link for a guide on that pets that are dropped
Hope this helps!
Fiona IceDust
Level 48 Thaumaturge

Aug 18, 2012
Stuff like that happened to me too. I have two wizards on my account. When my first wizard(balance) went through the wizard city bosses she only got clothes. But when my second wizard (death) does the wizard city bosses she gets pets and temporary mounts. I guess it all depends

Kiley Iceblade level 48
Calamity Iceblade level 10