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Blade help

Jul 27, 2011
So yesterday I bought a lifeforce blade. Today, I got a Dragonrider's death blade. The stats on the dragonrider's blade aren't as great as the lifeforce so I want to seamstress it so that the blade has the Dragonrider's looks and lifeforce's stats. The only thing that's stopping me is the fact that I like the way the Dragonrider casts spells (I jump and do a flip) and the cards it gives (I throw the blade at them). Does creating the new sword let be able to still do that, or will I be at the basic sword attacks with the spin and strike and no flips while I cast spells?

Thanks ahead of time,

Jul 09, 2009
If you stich and make the lifeforce blade stats, but make it look like the dragonrider's blade it will do the flip and kick like the lifeforce blade. Theres no other way unless you like the Dragonrider's blade's stats better.

Aaron Drakewalker Legendary Pyromancer

May 20, 2010
I made a post about this a while ago. Here is the quote:

colagada wrote:
(Unfortunately, I can't edit a post that's awaiting moderation, so I need to make another post to avoid the possibility that I'll forget later).

I bought some more level 45 staves/wands and blades to try another idea I never considered. The end result is that I didn't correctly explain how stitching wands/staves/blades works.

When you stitch two wands, staves, or blades, you end up getting this:

1) The one you stitch under "Appearance" is what your wizard is shown holding.

2) The one you stitch for stats gives you the damage AND the animation.

I stitched a staff-appearance to a sword-stats, and it looked like a staff, but it acted like a sword: the wizard went to the center of the circle, spun, and struck the enemy.

I stitched a sword-appearance to a wand-stats, and it looked like a sword (as in the previous post), but the sword was used as a wand (waved).

Jul 27, 2011
Strange, I got seamed it together, and I have the stats of the lifeforce blade, the looks of the dragonrider, and the attack looks of the dragonrider. I still throw the sword when doing the basic attack, and I still cast with a flip. I don't know? Maybe there's a few exceptions...