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Dec 14, 2010
i was trying to get sunstones in the bizzare,but every time 1 would come up it was gone how do you get them ?(FAST)

Jul 03, 2010
i was trying to get sunstones in the bizzare,but every time 1 would come up it was gone how do you get them ?(FAST)

Now that sunstone is required in more crafting items and more are crafting, it is epic rare. I transmuted it because the ones I were able to collect in Stone Town Zafaria were few and took forever to add up. Spending hours changing realms to collect one or two was mind numbing and after a while looses it's point totally.

If I remember correctly I got the transmute of stone block, which I sat in the library area of DS to collect for days, to sandstone and then the sandstone to sunstone to get mine done with so I could craft the lvl 56 gear in Wintertusk and I had to complete the Seal of the Seven Seas for the correct level craft badge. When sunstone is going for 3,500 gold at the bazaar I draw the line. On a side note the ore there by the library does seem to drop a diamond every 50 or so ores collected too.

In the end I spend days and nights and a lot of realm changes to get that craft completed in about a weeks time. After this level crafting its no longer a pass time in the game it's a focus and I don't plan on doing it on any other wizards on each of our accounts.

At the bazaar you have to learn how to snipe it, it's all about getting to the page and then refresh list and back to page, you have to beat out the others also trying to nab them. Remember the bazaar is on all realms so just because no one is in there with you doesn't mean there aren't others in other realms.

Jun 16, 2012
Since they're included in more Crafting, they are getting more rare. So it's getting tougher to find/ buy them. But might as well go Farm or Garden ^-^

-Emily SkyBlade, Level 41, Master Pyromancer.

Apr 08, 2011
You can get Sunstone a lot if you garden. The reason they go by so fast in the Bazaar is because there are millions of other wizards trying to get them at the same time you are. Happy Bazaar Hunting! :D

~Melissa&Jasmine, Life&Ice