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Bazaar Etiquette regarding friend requests

Jan 14, 2011
Have you ever been in the bazaar searching for rare reagents, let's say Sunstone for instance. You are constantly refreshing the page to see if one pops up to buy. Suddenly after ten minutes of doing this, a Sunstone pops up and you are like "YES! Finally!" You go to click the buy button but right at that same moment, someone decides to send you a friend request and now you can't purchase the reagent, because the friend request screen is blocking you. You know that Sunstone is going to be snapped up by someone else before you can get it now.
Anyways I am thinking it might be good etiquette to not send friend requests to wizards at the bazaar. Does anyone else agree?
OR... Maybe KingsIsle can create a feature that either tells the friend requester "That person is busy right now" OR... perhaps the friend request can be programmed to show UNDER the bazaar screen so that once you are finished with your business at the bazaar, then you can check out friend requests.

There are many Privacy options available to you, including blocking Friend Requests.

Next time you're in game but not in a duel, press the Esc key on your keyboard. This will open your Options Panel. At the top there are tabs for Video and Advanced Video Options, Sound Options, Gameplay and Advanced Gameplay Options, Privacy Options and Realms.

You want the Privacy Options tab that looks like a lock.
In there you will see
Allow Friend Requests Yes/No
Allow Trade Requests Yes/No
Allow Hatch Requets Yes/No
Allow Friend Teleports Yes/No
Allow Group Invites Yes/No
Block PvP Enemy Chat Yes/No
Limit Home to Friends Yes/No

Set the options as you like and press OK to confirm.

May 26, 2009
i agree! but sometimes i don't want to 'block' the requests.. you know? i just want them out of the way of the bazaar menu thing :)