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Balance or Storm?

Oct 16, 2011
Hey everyone.
Well, I have a lvl 54 Balance Wizard and I don't like it much. spells are WAY too weak. I also have a lvl 14 Storm Wizard. I wanted to get my Storm to lvl 80, then continue with Balance but it is SOOOOO boring doing Wizard City and Krokotopia ALL OVER AGAIN!
So should I continue with Balance, or with Storm?
Thanks :D

Jul 03, 2010
I got tired of my Balance wizard at level 45 and deleted, now I wish I had stayed with it since I have learned more tips and tricks to tweak a bit better wizard. I am currently working on another one to give it a fair chance.

Altho I have to many wizards I do find concentrating on one and seeing it though the game does make a better wizard, when I flit around it seems I neglect the good stuff I could be using. As with the game it self I consider other schools other then the original Life wizard I learned the game on to be a challenge just to see if I can make the school work to the best of it's ability.

I am in the middle of the road about bothering with Zafaria or above but like to see each wizard to level 60, completed to be able to handle Zafaria but no need to actually do it. I like to see if they can solo the game until the Trial of Spheres, with only help of one other wizard to run block in the Malistaire instance. You can really learn a wizards capability if you are faced with that alone as your resources. My only fall backs are - I have a spritely pet and use WizardCentral101.com for help in bigger instances.

Jul 31, 2011
Jun 16, 2012
You should finish your Balance then go back to your Storm. :D

*~Cheese Queen~*

Nov 26, 2011
Well i dont do this but maybe get your balance archmage then work on your storm till next level cap. Then if your done with storm, try another school (ice is good)

Jasmine FireBlade lvl 78 pyromancer
Jessica SparkleGem lvl 70 thaumaturge

Jul 06, 2012
can someone help me plz i dont know if i make a new wizard will my first wizard be deleted

BlueLighting345 wrote:
can someone help me plz i dont know if i make a new wizard will my first wizard be deleted
Our Player Guide explains that you can have up to 6 Wizards on your account at one time. To create a new Wizard, click the NEW button on the 'classroom' screen when you first run Wizard101. Your existing Wizard will sit at a desk and you will create a new Wizard. To play any character on your account just click on them and they will get up from their desk and stand at the front of the classroom, then click Play.