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Balance Level 68 spell

May 31, 2009
Because This new spell uses Life, Myth and Death for its hit, much like Hydra used Ice, storm and fire. I want to know this, Will the damage for "Balance" make the Life, myth and death Hit just as hard as say a ring or dagger that has seperate damage for Myth, life and death?
Some athnames have damage for say myth and life, like 5% for each, would this increase the hit just as much as the athname that had say 5% on Balance damage? Guess what i am getting at is it better to stay with the Balance damage or the individual damage,, and not for all balance spells just this level 68 spell. So when level 68 spell is cast and the life hit comes out, will the Balance Damage be there for this hit or the Life damage Balance carrys? Or because it is a Balance spell the Balance damage will just stay with life, myth, and death?
Suggestions anyone???

Jul 06, 2011
It will use it's school damage. balanceblade works for any school even though it's called balanceblade. if you put up an elemental blade then use hydra, each head will use it's schools damage.

Oct 22, 2011
Hydra and Chimera will be able to use the Balance school damage boost you may have. It will not use the other schools damage boost in conjunction (or separate) from these Balance spells.

What this means is, gear boost for damage that is life/death/myth only, will not boost Chimera damage. Only gear boost for Balance, or gear boost that increases your damage across the board for all schools (therefore increasing Balance), will work.

The nice thing about Chimera (and Hydra), is that you can use the tri-blade, tri-trap, and balance blade to boost your in-game damage as well.