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Atlantea - Tentacle squid guys?

Feb 06, 2010
I'm having trouble with fighting the tentacles and both times my friends and I just bailed. And the sad thing is that we're all Prometheans. Anybody have any advice? Cause healing isn't a great idea and we can't really kill without blades if we do heal and we're dyingggg. How did you guys do it?

Feb 06, 2010
nevermind, we just died and came back and we only
died once at least.

Dec 12, 2008
make sure your doing it with storms cause they boost and make sure your trapping them like crazy..also pet heals are fine...and make sure u have potions incase you die and need to flle and return..

RichardStormblade lvl 90

Mar 12, 2013
You need a healing pet if you're going to not struggle with this a bit. Now is also a good time to look into getting tc traps that stack with your regular traps, feint, etc. if you haven't already.

Aug 06, 2009
You have to kill the big tentacles because the little ones will just pop back up.

Mar 02, 2011
It's not really all that hard. I suggest you use your aoe decks and spam those attacks (the damage should add up quick) and don't stop attacking. When you get enough pips to use an attack do it, don't wait to stack up blades or anything like that(only use them as you build up pips). Before you enter put down a mark and if you die use a potion and teleport to the mark and repeat. This doesn't consume much time and it is very effective so far.
If you are about to deal the killing blow obviously wait for your team to return so everyone gets goodies.

May 09, 2010
Aside from the tips above.

Here are some tips.

For those who are never geared (like jade or crafted gear) first when encountering make sure no one is left behind. this will distribute the attacks to everyone, thus minimizing casualty. Two bring myth dispels. may be two pips but it works great on first round. three stun block, triage, stun block, triage. four, make sure not only one-person is attacking, this will reduce aggressive on him. five, if you need healing make sure every body has used there blades, so it wont matter . earthqauke are weak so a rebirth will be good. (remember the number of earthquake is = to the number of tentacles alive)- you get one earthquake if one tentacle is alive atm.

May 10, 2013
His name is Evil Squid, not Tentacle Head or Tentacle Squid (etc)

You're supposed to be lvl. 90 to challenge this, lower levels will have HARDER times