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Jul 15, 2013
Hey guys! I was wondering. What level do you go to aquila,Marleybone,Krocktopia,and Wysteria.
Just wondering Please Help!

Jul 03, 2010
IceEvilSnowman on Jan 14, 2014 wrote:
Hey guys! I was wondering. What level do you go to aquila,Marleybone,Krocktopia,and Wysteria.
Just wondering Please Help!
You can start Aquila at level 30, you go see Cyrus Drake to start that with Mt Olympus, then you can return to him at level 70 and again level 90 for the other two dungeons, these are all optional events.

After completing the main quests in Wizard City you get to go to Krocktopia, you must complete at least the main quests in Krocktopia to gain the Spiral Key to MarleyBone. I believe Crab Alley (optional) is given at level 12 around the same time you would get Colossus Blvd (optional). Wyesteria (optional) is given at level 25.

Grizzlehiem is levels but starts at 20 then you return at level 40 for Jotun and Ravenscar area which leads to Wintertusk. Actual level restrictions don't start in the main worlds until Celestia where you must be level 48, then it goes to 60 for Zafaria and so on.


Dec 10, 2012
hi. I know Aquila starts at level 30 and you can to prof. drake for the quest/
you will get to krockotopia after you do all the main quest in wizard city.
for Marleybone you get there after you do krokotopia quest and wysteria is somewhere in between Marleybone and krockotopia.
hope this helps

Aug 01, 2010
Krokotopia is around lvl 15, Marleybone is around lvl 30 to 35, and Wysteria is lvl 25. In the Aquila dungeons Mount Olympus is lvl 30, the last one is lvl 90, and i'm not quite sure about the middle one. Hope it helps a little

Jul 15, 2013
Mar 26, 2010
For the Aquila Mount Olympus dungeons I believe the first one is at level 30, the second at level 60, and the final is at level 90.
Sorry if I'm wrong!
Fiona IceDust
Level 42 Thaumaturge

Jun 10, 2012
Aquila- Lvl 30
Marlybone- Easiest at lvl 30+
Krokotopia- No idea because I wasn't a member until lvl 13 and I walked out of wizzie city with lvl 18 stats

Jan 31, 2012
You go to Krok when you finish all the main quests in wizard city (I recommend doing Cyclops lane first if you wanna get there fastest) and you don't absolutely have to do colossus boulevard if you don't want to and you got to Marleybone when you finish all main quests in Krok then you get to wysteria when you are level 25 then Aquila at level 30 Hope this Helps!

~ Mackenzie StormRiver Magus