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Are there new worlds, or more lvl?

Jul 25, 2009
I been in every world wondering if there ever going to be a new world, or more levels. I seen a lot of grandmaster quiting wizard101 since there nothing to do. it be for fun if there more worlds where you could ride a boat that actually on the water or something like that

Dec 20, 2008
Good question, I am currently wondering the same thing the more the merrier I say. I to want more worlds to go to and new adventures it all seems to go so fast sometimes. I very much enjoy the game all of it and everything about it but again more lvls and worlds would be very much appreciated. If i could complain about one thing it would be the prices of various items, wether gold or crowns wow the price of somethings can be rediculous. To all those who have helped to create this game I congratulate you and appreciate the time and effort you have given to create this game.