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Are there any NEW Halloween quest etc.?

Jun 26, 2009
I have done all the "Meet the pumpkin" guys quests as of Oct. 9 and was wondering if there are any new ones since the first ones.. I saw something saying that there were halloween things all over Wizard city... are there new ones coming?? Can we buy decorations/clotes etc. for Halloween with GOLD?? I don't do crowns (only have the 101 free ones) but I do pay a subscribtion...


Jun 16, 2009
Ok, never mind the other part I said before I said this, my friend was typing it. Sorry about that. They probably make all the quests easy because there are younger leveled wizards running around and THEY wanna do the quests so they made it "Collect 10 ghosts" and "Dip your head in an apple tub and catch an apple"
I wish the crown items could also come in gold. Please..... I want that black cat, why they have to make it in crowns. I only have 101 too.

P.S. I'm really sorry about the other answer I was trying to tell my friend that if she didn't know the answer why bother replying....

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