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Appropriate level for beating Aquila?

May 01, 2010
I'm a player who pays by area (yes, thank you, I know we're extremely rare) and I've put off Aquila (Mount Olympus) for a while now simply because it costs a pretty penny.
However, after purchasing some crowns in the recent sale and almost finishing DS, I'm debating whether to go for Aquila.
I wanted to inquire if it's worth it to go to mount Olympus at level 50, or should I put it off completely in favor of the next dungeon (Tartarus or Atlantis? I don't know) which unlocks at level 70.

Some base knowledge about my wizard:
-Level 50
-Near completing DS

And if I should do Olympus, would I be able to solo it, since it unlocks at level 30? Or should I team up/bring a friend?

Last side question:
I just got critical ratings, received a Vicious Helmet from Diego which has +200 health/+15 critical rating (lvl50+)
My current hood is Jade Hood of Mystery, +70 health/+2% power pip chance/+5% resist/+3% in/outgoing heal (lvl20+)
Jade hood is a crown item I've been using since lvl 20
Current stats (Jade Hood equipped)
2247 health / 15% resist / 9% in/outgoing heal / 0 critical rating / 62% power pip

Should I change hats in favor of vicious helmet or no?
Thanks everyone for the time!

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
You can't do Atlantis (level 70) or Tartarus (level 90) unless you've done Mt. Olympus first. Each one unlocks the next, so skipping Olympus is not an option if you intend to do the others later on.

Mt. Olympus is surprisingly difficult to solo if you're not used to intense, cheating dungeons. At level 50 you will probably be okay through most of it, but the fight that might challenge you most will be going up against 4 cyclops guards who love to stun. They don't have a lot of health, but the frequent stuns can pretty much paralyze a solo player. My advice is to get some "Conviction" or "Stun Block" treasure cards, or you can actually train the "Stun Block" spell from Diego in Unicorn way.

You really don't need Critical inside Mt. Olympus, but you DO need to focus on damage. Jade gear is not a good choice, frankly, since it is designed for defense and healing. If you're going to solo, you will be doing the hitting. Get the best level 50 gear you can find inside the Bazaar, looking for a good combination of damage, power pips and maybe accuracy or resist if you can find some. (Ironically, the gear drops in Mt. Olympus will be much better than anything you can buy even at level 50, but first you need to survive this dungeon in order to get gear that will help you survive in this dungeon!)

If it's your first time through, going in with a friend can really make a difference. It helps just to have someone else with you.

As another option, buying 1 henchmen for crowns can help with either healing or hitting. There is a Gorilla Life henchman (level 70, costs 100 crowns), that I find to be great for reliable healing. Also, the Dragonspyre Life henchman at level 50 is only 50 crowns, and he is good for both hitting and healing. A final option is any of the Fire henchmen between levels 50-70. These ranges are affordable and can get the killing job done while you heal them.

Good luck!

Alia Misthaven

May 01, 2010
Thank you so much! This is both a very detailed and helpful response.