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After Malistaire No More Quests?

Jun 01, 2009
ok so after i beat mailstaire today i went and talked to merle but after that nothing happend i dont have celestia or anything i am a level 47 any help or advice? and i still on a part of Grizzleheim that still needs to be done i think im in ravenscar ....do i need to complete this to move on???

Feb 16, 2009
First, this belongs in the Dragonspyre or Celestia thread.

Second, you need to be at least level 48 before you can enter Celestia. How you completed Dragonspyre before getting your Grandmaster Spell, I can only imagine...

Third, and finally, Grizzleheim is a side world and has no relevance to the actual plot. You don't need to complete it.

May 20, 2010
You're going to need to go back to the areas where you skipped side quests and complete enough of them to get to Level 48. Start in Dragonspyre, where the experience is highest, and work your way backwards through the other worlds until you reach level 48.

At that point, I recommend that you finish your level 48 spell quests. At that point, you'll have somebody wanting to talk to you that will eventually send you to Celestia.

Grizzleheim doesn't give much experience, so if you won't want to do anything in that world if experience is what you want.

Feb 14, 2010
you need to be level 48 to go to celestia. although i did try celestia at lvl 28.

hope this helps :P