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after atlantea

Sep 01, 2012
hey wizards!!!! long time no see. anyways, i have finished atlantea in aquila and when i spoke to silenus he gave me the new badge, then he said you will take on the next part of the immortal games when you are ready. i got stuck so talked to cyrus drake, but he didnt give me any quest!!!! i was completely confused and i got agry because it didnt let me do tartarus. is it something about the level? because i am a transcendent necromancer by the lvl of 73. why wont silenus let me in tartarus or give me the quest to it!!!!!!! even cyrus drake didnt ask for me to come visit him!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!!!! help me!!!!!!!

Jul 13, 2010
You get access to Tartarus at level 90, just like you got access to Mount Olympus at level 30, and Atlantea at level 70.