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A problem with the trainers...

Jun 26, 2010
So, I recently started playing the game again with crowns, leveled up and realized that i can't talk to trainers. At least those in Ravenwood. I got a training point and I wanted to spend it on a life spell from Moolinda Wu (my 2nd school), but I couldn't talk to her. I couldn't talk to any of the trainers including my own balance trainer in Krokotopia. I was able to get the astral spells from Celestia, though.
I was wondering, is this supposed to happen? And how can I continue getting my life school spells?

Chelsea Skyheart
Lvl 55

The remainder of your school spells are obtained through quests.

All the Balance spells and instructions to obtain them are on our fansite at http://www.wizard101central.com/wiki/Spell:Balance_School_Spells

You will need to complete a large portion of Grizzleheim and Wintertusk to obtain these spells, so if you haven't ventured there yet, you may want to get those quests out of the way, as they will open up spell quests for you in the future.

Jun 26, 2010
Thank you!
I haven't done much on Grizzleheim yet, so that should explain, why I don't have that meny spells.