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How do I get out of Wizard City.

Apr 27, 2012
According to the forums, after defeating all bosses and defeating Lord Nightside, the Head Wizard was supposed to give me a quest to go to Krakatopia. Instead I get sent to the darkside by the water fall who inturn gave me a quest to finish the Sunken City. From the forums, I am supposed to be able to get to Krakatopia. However, I wasn't offered this. I also went to the main tree in Ravenwood to no avail. I went back along all the major avenues and streets to see if I missed a quest. Can anyone help me on how I can get out of Wizard City? Note: I even went back to the Head Wizard to see if he would provide entre to Krakatopia.

You have completed the quest to enter Krokotopia.
The door is inside Bartleby the Grandfather tree.

Mar 12, 2010
To get to Krokotopia, you must finish Wizard City (3 Main Streets and quests from Merle Ambrose).

Quests from Merle Ambrose (After completing main quests in Triton Avenue, Cyclops Lane, and Firecat Alley):

1. A Look of Horror
-Locate Foulgaze
-Defeat Foulgaze
-Talk back to Merle Ambrose

2. The Dark of Nightshade
-Locate Stormdrain tower
-Defeat Nightshade
-Talk back to Merle Ambrose

3. The Sixth School
-Explore Rainbow Bridge Waterfall
-Explore Death school
-Talk to Dworgyn
-Talk back to Merle Ambrose

According to the reply from Professor Greyrose, you have completed the quest to enter Krokotopia, and you should be able to enter the Spiral Door through the World Tree in Ravenwood.

If you have finished the quests listed above and still can't access the Spiral Door to get to Krokotopia, I would suggest that you send an e-mail to support@wizard101.com and explain the problem to them. Be sure to give them your UserName and your Character's Name. Maybe they can help you to get moving along in the game.

(One more note: the quest "To Sunken City" to "find Grubb" is a side quest, and you don't need to finish it now to move on to Krokotopia. This quest came from Marla Stinger and Cyrus Drake, not from Merle Ambrose. The quest from Merle Ambrose was listed in #3 above. You needed to talk to Dworgyn in the Death School, which is right near Marla Stinger. Maybe you missed him? And maybe you went to Marla instead?)

Oct 20, 2011
After defeating these bosses, Lady blackhope unicorn way, Harvest lord triton avenue, Alicane swiftarrow firecat alley, general akkillies cyclops lane, talk to gobbler king in collosses boulevard, Foulgaze olde town, Nightshade in haunted cave, and then go to nightside and you go to krokotopia

Eric SwiftPyre lvl 39 Pyromacner 8)