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Your house history

Feb 27, 2009
Ever wanted to tell the tale of why your house the way it is? I'm starting this post so you can do that here.
Here are a few questions to get you started?

What world is your house in?

What makes your house unique?

Had any crazy parties or battles? (PVP and pretend battles work fine)

How much time do you spend at your house?

How often do you hang with friends in your home?

I'll post my own soon, but I'd love to here other tales too!

Happy thinking!

Marcus Suncrafter, typin' up a at lvl 74

Feb 27, 2009
My Wysteria Villa's world is self explanatory. Recently elves have been infesting my house when I'm there and even when I'm off doing other things. I have to get people to watch my house sometimes to prevent house tour people from starting games and inviting all their friends. When I go shopping for my house, I try to get more house items that look like they would belong in a Wysterian house. My house is up constantly on house tours and house tours games, making it easy to visit. My favorite part of the Villa is my mannequin room, showing previous attires I wore with music scrolls below them showing a picture of the worlds they were worn in. From my Dragonspyre Memorial to my Arcade (filled with the Tag Game Starter ad all 8 minigames), my house will be on the decorated section of house tours!

Marcus crafter, lvl 74

Mar 27, 2014
This isn't a bad idea. Something extra to add interest to the realm of houses.