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you have a new teacher!

Aug 11, 2012
i always thought i would be a great i idea to start a school! there could be a whole school for sale like houses that are for sale.you would decorate it with book shelves and desks and things like that.then you could invite people that have trouble with the game and help them with tips and things. there would be a built in blackboard that you can type in and a built in battling arena that you can fight in.there would also be a little room full of lectures that you can click"x" on and it will tell you history of something. there could be a stage for when you want to announce something. i have been teaching people in my house for a long time without a battling arena or a blackboard or a library and i think a school is a great place for lvl 100 wizards or wizards who dot have any quests to kill some time. it would also be a great oppertunity for young wizards to learn new things that they didn't know before.