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You decide on a new world!

Feb 14, 2010
i think there should be a new world after celestia and the name of it should
atlantis and the theme should let us be under water and we could talk and have mount under water including wings :) my name on the game is flint winter wraith if you wanna see me today on the game meet me in marley bone in realm wu at 6:30 today bye

Mar 27, 2009
Ok, I have truly no imagination but I will say they should make aa wizard 101 2: The return of malistaire (duhn duhn duhn duuuuuuuuuuuuuhn=D) But the catch is you have to have beat Wizard 101 before you can play. Its like you have to finish Inkheart b4 u get 2 inkspell, or you have to finish magyk b4 u get 2 flyte (im talkin books here peeps!!!!!!) I also wish they would make HUGE HUGE HUGE houses that were suuuuuper cheap and everyone had text chat ( that reminds me: for all of you lucky enough 2 have text chat.... Non-text chat people just see "..." when u talk so if u r a text chatter talking 2 a non-textchatter use menu chat pleez!!!!!) Ok, well this is my idea!!!
BTW: I am about 2 put my wizard name so if u see me add me as a friend... I am working on Dragonspyre so thats where u'll c me u mite also c me in grizzlhiem ( Quick Question: is grizzlhiem required 2 beat b4 u move on to a savior of the spiral?!?!)

Brianna Wintergem
Level 45 (currently)
Ice School
Badge: Sword Saint (currently) ( also if u were wondering, I got the badge from killing an imp boss in mooshu)
If ya see me, call me!!!!!!!
Reply this is my first post ever!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 23, 2009
Blackheart2012 wrote:
i think there should be an africa world where you would get vine staffs, jungle explorer outfits, and like a problem with evil monkeys slowly killing the rainforest, i say some pets like Rain Monkey, Fire Leon (lion), and for castles, A low priced treehouse like thing, and the high price castle as an ancient vine covered temple. Maybe a final boss as like a zebra who is leading the monkeys. You would help the lions save the rainforest, and there would be a savannah dungeon, LOL i got it all planned out, i say the world would be meant for lvl forty and over :)

This is an excellent idea. There could be different wizard 101 creatures for each type of african animal. The aim of the world could be to free Gamma, who has been cursed by an evil Lord.You could get quests to defeat a boss of each creature as you progress through the world. At the end of the world there could be a tower where you have to defeat a boss of each type of enemy in that world. At the top of the tower you would have to fight Gamma in order to free him from the curse. Then Gamma could help you defeat the evil lord. when the evil lord got defeated, he would flee to another world.
As this tower would be almost impossible to complete single handed, it would be like a dungeon. The world would have unique clothing, items, houses, housing objects, mounts and pets. There could be certain types of creatures that are really rare to find, but drop amazing items if you kill them.
The creatures in the world would use attacks 6 pips and lower. They would have between 800 and 1650 health(bosses wpuld have way more and would be able to use attacks higher than 6 pips). The new world would also introduce new spells for each school.
Here are some ideas for creatures in the world( on the left is the real animal and on the right is the wizard 101 equivalent):
Elephant: Oni
Buffalo or Wilderbeest: Minotaur
Lion: Firecat
Hyena: Heckhound or Stormhound
Crocodile: Krok
Vulture: Sunbird or Nightwing
Zebra: Centaur
Cheetah or Leopard: Meowiarty like creatures
Lizard: Mander
Tarantula: Spider enemys like in the crystal grove
Snake: Snow serpent or Thunder snake
Bat: Bloodbat or Lightening bat
Frog: Humungofrog
Beetle: Scarab
Trees:Woodwalkers or the tree things in mooshu and grizzleheim.
Owl: Cursed Gamma (Boss)

Just some ideas.

My wizards are Thomas ThunderBreeze and Thomas ShadowStalker

Aug 06, 2009
wizards plz read the fallowing about castles
thank you and have a nice day and read.
by duncan shadow thief ect. :-) :-) :-) :-) :-D :? :-P

wizards of all shapes and sizes welcome to a castle i have created from many books i have read with anceint ruins in them and dragons and stuff!
its me duncan ect. these castles will cost crowns though. they are not that high price that whats i think. the best one would best a castles like the school castles. there will be five new ones i came up wit. ( i know i didnt put the h :-) ).

the lowest price one cost 5 thousand crowns. its a desert wit many sandstorms. you are in the middle of no where. no mountains only a wishing well, a small hill ( where the entrance into the castle is) and the spyre door. there are some cacti. very sunny! you can see snakes and bettkes every where! O: ah snakes!there is a pond left of the hill( in the middle of the land ) over the pond a judgement lady apears some times like for the cottage castle in wizard city, the unicorn. the land out side is a squarey like area. same lenghth and witdth as the balance castle. in side there is a leak from the pond out side. the inside is like a secret pyramid! sand is falling from the roof and there is a big hole on the floor. if you walk over the hole you will fall and find your self in a secret room. a porter thing is in the corner.you will apear any where in side the castle. there a 8 rooms like the size of a small bed room. able to place 200 objects out side and in side.

the next castle is 6 thousand crowns. it is a volcanic place! there is a volcano in the middle of the land! there are caves leading in the tunnel. one of the tunnels will lead you to a big fire dome deep in the volcano. magma cant touch you! it circles around like a dome. in the centaur of the area a fire dragon can apear. some times frost ginat will come to fight the dragon! there is a path going up the volcano into its mouth to a door inside! inside has streams of lava moving around. a poprter thing takes you to a ruin place. like the crown of fire. a big dragon flies around the castle protecting it. 225 objects in and out side. about same size as the baslisk area out side.

the next one is a castle that is so rainy fire wizards might want to stay out. t rains and rains a lot! it cost 7 thousand crowns. trees every where. but you can move them. they dont count as objects in the house. in the middle is a chamber where a pyramid lays covered in vines to hide it. you can go to the top where you can see natures wrath ( life spell that a tree with a beard ) inside vines are growing every where and water falls come through the vines into and out side the pyramid many times before making a big lake around the big pyramid. able to place 225 items out and 240 items in side. same size as life castle. pyramid size of the pyramid as the sun but green and gray like gray stone moss grows every where.

the forth castke cost 8 thousand crowns. this castle is is just a big mountain with tones of snow on it. tons of caves leading all over the castle. avalanches from in front of the castle. a frost ginat might apear at the top of the mountain with a plate of chicken with its hammer. to get to the top you must make your way through the big cave rooms inside the mountain. one passage takes you to the frost giant. sometimes he grabs you and takes you to a castle higher in the sky and see a ton of frost giants. ( no items can be placed here ) its the size of naurt guard.

the last and the castle i think is the best is the castle that cost 10 thousand crowns! there is a bridge leading to a porter thing that takes you to 7 other porter things. each one takes you to a different island around floating around you. a sign is above each porter telling you where they go to what island. each island is for each school. on the right island the final spell of each school lvl 48 spells can apear over the water hills or fields. each island is the same size as the commans. to go inside there is a bridge from the starting point to the inside. you port into the inside. thats behind the spyre door. before we go in side on each school island it looks like where there school came from. death froggy with graves and ghost, life naturey, myth floating random trees and objects ( i like spirit wizards the best ) balance sandy, fire raining ashes, ice snowy and hilly, and storm a bubble of water to swim around in. ( can place abjects in there ). ok inside has wisps of every school color flying around . you can walk over hidden land. witch is invisable. and the one who owns the castle has a speacial place for there own school that is filled with all the spells with magiacl creatures that attack!

these are the ultimate castles! all of them are special. i made them up while i was doing this too. :-) lol :-). if any one likes this sweet ideas plz give me a message of how you likes it thnx.

Mar 28, 2009
I would like to see Gobblerton. The Goblers said New Gobblerton. Maybe we can fight the witches at Gobblerton. I'm insane!

Aug 06, 2009
wizard people who made this game give me fee back on my castle idead. the test realm for my castle idea. i will let you know how i think of it

:) :)(((( :-o :-o
:x :x

Dec 12, 2008
baconater wrote:
I think there should be a couple more worlds after Dragonspyre, and they should change the Grandmaster level to 100. I'm am kind of getting off topic, after they make the other worlds they should make this place called The Boss's _______, I have no name ideas. In there you should be able to face each and every boss you faced on Wizard 101, being able to heal after some, and sometimes after two or three. Then there should be a final boss named _______, got no name ideas for he/her, and _______ should have all the elements with 30,000 health. When you face him/her you should be able to use some of your friends, because of course, you have no chance without other people.

Reply to me saying if you like this idea, or if you have something to add.
100? just wait for level 60 in the new world coming this summer!

Jul 21, 2009
i got some ideas

the next world could be a jungle filled with jungle shamans( wizards) that are trying to deastroy the world.

i was also thinking that there could be portals that ramdomly open all over the spiral and when you go throught them you end up in a totally different place.

i think we should have Earth as a world. we could say that another evil wizard is triyng to enslave earth since humans posses no magic

Sep 09, 2009
I think there should be a new world called Spunenomd there are flying spider(purple spider with wing),ghost of ice(ghost),Dinjkilngii(jumping wolf). The boss will be vinkan (skelinton with a bow and a pack of arrow.) And holinger(ghost with two giant sword). This place is mainly for death student. There will be death school. :-)

May 13, 2010
May 13, 2010
Bayleef1006 wrote:
Hi i'm level 31 there should be a word were merle ambrose is evil. Theres is wizards that are evil. and a world were you get to be a gobbler and the prince gives quests

I don't want to be rude at all, but that idea isn't very good I mean not everyone wants to be a gobbler. Prince? Merle Ambrose evil? Not many people would agree with your idea. :?[/quote i gree :?

May 02, 2010
they should make a lost world that is named furryism it was invaded by over sized squirls. it is a magic using world they use fire and myth when the squirls invaded the squirls brought racoons with them.we have to help them save the world

Apr 11, 2010
Here's my idea for a world.

How about there be a mirror world, where everything is basically backwards? For instance, in the current worlds, life school gets some bonuses against other houses, and resists others. Well how about if in one world, all the "rules" were the exact opposite. So instead of an opponent being able to resist a certain type of spell, you actually get a bonus?

Just a thought

May 18, 2009
I think they should make a new world kinda like DS but were the final boss is that huge dragon from DS that haves like 20,000 or 25,000 life and have to have 4 friends or you cant go in but there should be otehr bosses before it one from wizard city,MB,DS,mooshu,krokotopia and grizzlehelm

Jul 28, 2009
hmmm lets of great ideas except the reverse world with gobblers i would like to see a metalic world with a few new elements and the lvl bar could be raised to about 80 to get a few new spells.

I am a grandmaster life but i have always admired the storm elemnent with the risky chance of doing massive damage IDK what celestians elements will be but a underwater world(similar to celestia but more machanical like) thats is ruled by Zues(maybe possiden or Neptune) that is over run by infected krakens,stormzillas,and tritons---things like that and the three new elements(solar, lunar, and star) well don't sound like good secondary schools they should be in the choices of the school you pick i mean you(if your a grandmaster) have to get crowns to change your secondary school and would probably have to go to the balance tree and get new blades and traps for them(like elemental blade&trap and spirit blade&trap) i just don't think thats a good idea to use them as secondary schools. But others may have different oppinions,well thats mine

Jan 16, 2010
I haven't really read through much of this thread, only the first page so far, so maybe this has been suggested, but here are my ideas:

I really like two of the first ideas suggested: The environment conservation rainforest world and something with a clock-punk theme. Also, I would really like a swamp-themed world.

-Rebecca Moonstone, Level 25 Sorcerer

Jun 11, 2010
I think that kingsisle should make new worlds come out to the spiral besides grizzleheim. I heard some talk about under water world. soon coming out. I would also rather like to have new lvl caps to lvl 80 or90 or even 100.

Oct 17, 2009
i have an idea for a new pet for marleybone. You can get it from meowity (however you spell it) and there's a 20% chance of getting it. Some people will probaly say YOU GOT THAT FROM HARRY POTTER! and ill say yes i did. Well the pet could be cyberus a 3 headed dog,kinda like orthrus. But it attacks like Hydra with 3 attacks for myth life and death (i even put up a way for it come out when you summon it and how much damage the attacks do). 350 for life 450 death 425 for myth and i'll tell you how it will be summoned. it will be sleeping then it wakes up and brakes the chain thats holding it then it attacks. Simple as that. BUT i will let kingsisle make the color up IF they put it in a test realm. well i just thought i let you guys know PEACE OUT!

-Blaze FireSword

Apr 19, 2009
understand this guys the speels you are coming up with is a for sure way to kill someone in pvp and plus another thing noobs can use against us, but my main point is that the stuff you do is making a way overkill with the life we have highest life i have seen was 3,500 and an attack that can do up to 5,000 can easly take out an average wizard please think about the stuff that everyone else has to face not just you ok? you want a spell that can kill someone fast but if everyone had what they want then the game would be an all out disaster i am not trying to burst anyones bubble but look at it from everyones point of view -Gertymanny

Jan 10, 2010
lavepen wrote:
i got one crazy i dea for a world.

one could be like a forest and you can make tarzan gice quests and stuff. they did it with the wizard of oz in unicorn way, they can do tarzan. and the evil people would be like monkeys and gorrilas and hippos and they can make evil humans that capture poor little baby animals and you got to destroy them and other stuff. so thats my idea for a world.

- Ian DeathShard

Awesome Idea! :-)

Jan 10, 2010
I would love a like Greece-based world! Like the bosses are all the greek gods! That would be the best thing ever!

Jan 01, 2010
Here's an amazing idea.

Stop overcharging for everything. It's bad enough you want people to pay $10 a month, then the crazy amount of microtransactions is getting out of hand. 50,000 gold for a pet. That's just crazy!


Mar 06, 2009
:-)I love the idea of the new world(s) and 100 levels, but wouldn't it be hard because all the bosses in wc, kt, mb, ms, ds, and more? :?

Mar 06, 2009
NeoStar wrote:
wyattavery wrote:
Hi i'm level 31 there should be a word were merle ambrose is evil. Theres is wizards that are evil. and a world were you get to be a gobbler and the prince gives quests

You may have something there... But why not an entire Reverse World like Wizard City, where all the Monsters are the NPCs and the Staff are the Bosses you have to beat....

An idea anyway ....

That would be so cool!

Feb 08, 2009
My idea 4 a new world is the world of of Earth where some dark forces have invaded Earth and wizards have to try and stop it. The places to go will be all around the world like all the continents and the first place you start is an unknown island only 4 wizards. The evil forces will even make humans evil too and you will have to deafeat humans too. And at the end you face some one bigger than Malistare and there could be more than 4 circles in a battle 4 players.