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You decide on a new world!

Jun 18, 2009
You have Unleashed the ideas

Allagiza- Original Homeworld of the Kroks- Current home of the Allagizors, a related species of the Kroks, and the Gazers, a race of Aliens from an Alternate Dimension. Based of Raiders of the Lost Arc

Ahwahnee- Jaki Whisperwind's homeworld- Home to Jackrabbits, Roadrunners, Tortises, Kangaroo rats, and Marleybonian, Monquistan, and Polarian Colonists.

The 70 seas- Water world with many islands, each containing lush treasure. Is where the Armada Machine crashed years after the Pirate successfully beat Kane. Is where the Storm Titan sleeps. Many Pirates go there.

Puutil (Poo-til)- Muddy swamp world run by Mudskippers, Turtles, Mosquitoes, and Crayfish.

Wallaru- Zander's homeworld- Place of Savage hunters, The last remaining members of the Cabal, and is where both Sir Reginald Baxby and Kravenly the Hunter grew up. The Koalas are the only peaceful species in Wallaru.

Scarnival- Based of Pinocchio's Pleasure Island, is a place of Endless fun and games run by the vicious Hairless Mole Rats, who corrupt Children and turn them into Donkeys to work in the Dust Mines

Neoni- World with most Concentrated shadow magic ever- place of Bright neon colors and people who talk Really annoying, but have dark secrets, as the four residents who live there, a mole rat, a mudskipper, a Jackrabbit, and a Water mole, want the Wizard to stay away from "The Prophet of Shadow", who fell from the world of Insects.

I will write about all of these worlds myself. If you are interested, Search "Fourth Arc" by me, Dogspagetti27. I update kinda Randomly, but I update at any given chance.

Jun 16, 2012
Well, I've had a few ideas, so here goes (note that I am not suggesting these for this story arc, but for one further ahead.)

1. The Hovel: You thought Skull Island was bad? Well, this place is much, much worse. The Hovel is where the worst of the worst live, cheaters, scumbags, wretches, a world of despair. But not all here is sad, for you see... this is the birthplace of the Pirate. A new dark force has arrived (if you choose this Kingsisle, I'll leave the details of the bad guy to you.), and in order to stop it, you need something, an item (Again, Kingisle's choice) that was last known to be in the hands of the Pirate's parents.

2. Catacomba: Apparently the parents of the Pirate hid the item in a place where no one expected, Catacomba. Catacomba is a mechanical world built by the Valencians as a literal giant safe, or bank for that matter. It was designed as a place where anyone could store their belongings, that was until the Armada came into play. they took it as their own and used it to store their greatest weapons, but the parents managed to slip the item in, or perhaps the Armada took it from them, no one knows. Unfortunately, the clockwork guards still function, independent from Kane, they managed to survive. Now the Wizard has sneak in, get it out, and escape, silently, else the alarm take place and the doors shut, with the Wizard stuck for all eternity.

3. Valencia: With the item retrieved, the Wizard has yet to learn how to operate it. Despite his many skills, he is not a master of mechanical devices. And there is only one world where it can be solved, Valencia. This poses a predicament however, as the death of Kane has left Valencia leaderless. The rich have taken advantage, attempting to sway the people to their favor, whether it be peaceful or violent, even building more clockworks to serve their own desires. However, there are rumors of a puppet master. someone using all the chaos as an advantage to eventually recreate the clockwork in a new form...

Aug 07, 2014
you do a lot from history, but no colonial or Victorian worlds, or western or native American, or how about life in Alaska in ancient times, how about an entire world so tiny it fits on a ring that someone is wearing, or something like alice in wonderland, who goes down a hole and discovers a strange world, how about a world you find after you climb the beanstalk.

Jun 16, 2012
Sorry, ran out of space, moving on.

Valencia continued: The Valencian the wizard needs to solve is a master architect, known far and wide. However, he disappeared after Kane was destroyed, and is rumored to be allied with the puppet master, who the Wizard learns later in the plot is Queen herself. Once the architect is freed, he solves the puzzle leading to...

4. El Dorado: In an ironic twist, it is not the Pirate that discovers El Dorado but the Wizard. There he enlists the help of the presumed dead Marco Pollo, who has gone slightly insane because of his isolation. Unfortunately, the evil followed the Wizard here, and is not about to let the Wizard win the day. The Wizard soon learns that El Dorado is a place of evil, created to test any adventurers crossing paths with this world, persuading them to darkness with greed and temptation, which the Wizard must surpass to continue, something that Pollo failed to do. All that is left is for the Wizard to reach the heart of El Dorado, and retrieve a power stronger that both Light and Shadow, able to defeat the evil that threatens the Spiral.

5. Chaos: Upon finding the power, you are taken to a place only able to be described as Chaos. A raging battle between the Light of Raven and the Shadow of Spider, forming an ever changing battlefield. You soon realize that chaos is not evil, nor good, but neutral. Chaos is necessary to change things, to create anew. And soon you learn that Chaos is essential to all things, a balance between Shadow and Light is required. Here you learn a new magic, Chaos magic, the only form able to defeat the evil that threatens the Spiral.

Like it? Hope you use this Kingsisle because I spent a lot of time thinking this one up. And fellow Wizards, what did you think I would like some feedback for any minor edits I can make.

Allan Emeraldhammer, lvl 104 life wizard.

Jun 16, 2012
Here are my boss ideas for each world I invented...

The Hovel: Malcavich Coleridge; The brother of Taylor Coleridge, he stayed behind in The Hovel and formed a mercenary army using the dark arts of the witch-doctors to enchant his minions. He is a true stereotype among rats. Malcavich is a type.

Catacomba: Phule; Kane's first creation, and first failure. Created to be the first robotic mind, it ended up creating a clockwork with no true loyalty, a monstrosity with a split personality. However, after Kane's death, it was free to experiment on his own, creating an true successful brain. Possibly smarter than Kane itself, now Phule has it's own ambitions, desiring to use the secrets of Catacomba for it's own grand scheme. Phule is a type.

Valencia: Queen; Phule was Kane's first, Queen was Kane's last. Since Queen was designed to accompany Kane at all times, Queen shares the same desires as Kane. Once again, the Armada searches for the secret to El Dorodo. This time though, Queen knows how to get there by observing Kane. She needs the architect in order to rebuild The Machine, without the minor problems of before. Queen is a type.

El Dorado: Midas; El Dorodo was the homeworld of the Aztecasaurs, until Xilbalba arrived and forced their departure. However, some remained, most importantly their first king, King Midas had the ability to touch anything and turn it to gold, which led to the great wealth of the Aztecasaurs, but his greed made him stay behind, isolated, but showered. Midas, corrupted by the evil, believes you a threat to his wealth and attempts to stop your efforts. He is made of pure gold. He is type.

Choas: The evil: It is a force that is attempting to stop change, to freeze the Spiral forever, to stop all the conflict. Although not truly evil, his goal is one that cannot be allowed. Because of it's mixed feelings, he is both Light and Shadow. It's types are , , , and .

Jun 16, 2012
PS: Also, the final boss of Choas could just be type, or better yet all types, and choas magic could be represented by a symbol.

Dec 11, 2017
A world that is very long and has many bosses that all cheat A LOT. and there would be new shadow spells and astral spells to learn. and maybe there can be new , and damage. and it could be themed around a cave but soon you realize you are under a whole new story ark.

Jul 06, 2011

So, I it's not a new world that I am suggesting but a world expansion (Wysteria to be exact).
If you remember by the storyline of Wysteria, there is a "prestigious event for wizards from different schools to show their skills in dueling" and, on level 25, we are chosen to take part on the competition.

So, after our wizard reaches a specific level (haven't thought of it yet), Headmaster Ambrose asks us to meet him at his office.

Headmaster Ambrose: Oh young wizard, it certainly has been some time since you last visited Wysteria.
Headmaster Ambrose: Well, it's time for you to visit Wysteria again representing the Ravenwood school of magic to the dueling tournament again!
(Grandmother Raven): You feel a bit nervous, it has been very long since you last took part in the Wysteria competition, maybe the other wizards have become better?
Headmaster Ambrose: No need to worry, young wizard! I am sure that you will win again this time. Here, take this new ring that shows that you are from Ravenwood and represent us in the tournament and talk to Mrs. Dowager!

Anyway, so the plot this time is very similar to the first one. However, Randolf SpellShine (the ex-Wysteria student at the tournament) was not picked for the tournament this time. He was driven insane and promised to destroy Wysteria after he is done with his "big plan". The world has two extra areas. One of them could be the gate behind Zeke and Eloise, perhaps.

Name Suggestions: Pigasia Street, Polluted Waters (if the area has lots of water)

Nov 07, 2010
Wizard101FanWiki on Aug 13, 2008 wrote:
How about an Atlantis themed world. All under water with mermaids and mermen, fish, sharks, coral, and more.

How about a Futuristic World. Or based on a kind of old sci-fi idea of futuristic. Robots, flashing lights, teleporter's, sleek building, etc.

How about a Moon Base world.

As a Piers Anthony fan how about a world of fantasy with pun speaking players. :-)

Along same line above say some World that speaks in riddles.

Of course their is always the classic knights, castles, dragons, and maidens in distress; medieval world idea.

Maybe a racing themed world.
Or an Amusement park themed world.

Then there is always the idea of worlds with individual school themes.

Thats just some ideas off top of my head.
you basically made Celestia happen with that first comment haha

Jan 05, 2013
Academia - A graduate level wizarding school world based around beautiful campuses like Oxford.

This would be less of a story world and more of a training school for mid to higher level wizards who are struggling once they get into later game to train up their wizard when they get stuck.

Area 1 - The Quad
A high level version of Commons/Ravenwood. Would feature Dean's office, Admission office, library, and various stores.

Area 2 - Main Campus
This would contain all the schools ("Graduate School of Myth") including sun, shadow, fishing, gardening, etc. Here is where you'd go for spell improvement/learning quests. Professors could be the high level henchmen so we see their back-stories. A wizard would pick their major and minor, so a myth/life wizard could choose to continue to train higher by picking myth major and life minor. Or you could choose something brand new like shadow/sun.Each school would have "labs" which could act as towers or gauntlets.

Area 3 - Greek Row
This area would feature fraternities and sororities. A wizard could pledge one of the houses and gain memberships by completing quests (rushing the frat). Each house would have a unique mascot and feature members possibly made up of previously seen characters or lower level henchmen.

An added bonus from joining a frat/sorority would be that if you quest with members of your frat or sorority you'd get a team boost to stats.

Area 4 - The Stadium
A new PVP area where frats can challenge each other or you go through a mascot gauntlet. Maybe with a nice fountain in front for fishing.

Academia would be about honing skills or adding schools to your spellbook. Various gauntlets and gear would make repeat visits worthwhile and the fraternity bonus would add an element to teaming up. There would be tales of experiments gone wrong, crazy stories about famous wizards who attended the schools, and crazy parties!

Suggesting this as a return to the fun days rather than another farming grind world.

Jan 12, 2015
I think that there should be a world and there is a small section for each school of magic. The main boss of the 3rd arc attacks the world. It is up to you to unite all the schools of magic and defeat the final boss of that world!

May 03, 2009
I would like to see Wysteria fleshed out where you could learn those schools of magic. Maybe not with on of my current characters but for a player with one other wizard could start in a Wysterian school.

Feb 08, 2014
I think the next world should be Lvl. 126-130. A New York themed world! Or MIRROR WIZARD CITY.

Or. OR... Idk I'm just being crazy now. :P

Jan 05, 2013
trevor track16 on Dec 30, 2017 wrote:
I think the next world should be Lvl. 126-130. A New York themed world! Or MIRROR WIZARD CITY.

Or. OR... Idk I'm just being crazy now. :P
I was just thinking about the mirror city too!Call it Sorceror City, but basically everyone that was good from the first story arc is bad in this world.

You'd get a quest to go investigate a disturbance in the Grandfather tree. It teleports you to Ravenwood in Sorceror City, but instead of it being a safe area there would be evil students walking around. All the school trees would be scary looking. Your first goal is escape to the Death School. Once you get there, you're greeted by a good version of Malastaire. He explains that Ambrose has turned evil and plans to take over Wizard City because their world is being destroyed by magic.

Various quests take you back through Wizard City, but everything is different.

Unicorn Way is a nightmare and boss battles with Duelling Diego and Lady Oriel wait for you there. Myth wizards have a chance to quest and get a Summon Rattlebones spell here.

A journey through Olde Town to reach the safety of Firecat Alley brings you past an evil Baldur Goldpaws who definitely isn't looking to take you to Grizzleheim. His boat is filled with an invading band of wolves and bears! Here is a good chance to get another ice spell for ice wizards.

The grand finale would be you trying to escape through the spiral door, but instead find yourself in a battle inside the Grandfather Tree itself. Each time you try to go through the door it takes you to another level of dungeon.

Level 1 is versus teachers of the four schools you aren't (but not your opposite). So for myth the battle would be vs 4 of 5 these 5: Fire/Ice/Life/Death/Balance

Level 2 is versus your school teacher and their opposite plus the 5th teacher you didn't face before. (So myth/storm/ and one of the 5 previous)

The final battle would be versus Evil Merle Ambrose with Gamma, plus Lady Malastaire. During the battle Ambrose would summon his old students, like Penny Dreadful or the Loremaster.Never fear though - Malastaire is there to help you with heals and buffs!

Jul 23, 2013
I think an Ancient Indian inspired world would be cool, with Indian inspired spells, characters, etc.
The main species would be the Tigers, Elephants, Monkeys, Nagas, and Asuras. The Tigers are fearsome warriors, the Monkeys would be monks and mystics, Elephants would be merchants, and traders, and the Nagas would be an ancient race, who now live in an mystical sunken city, while the Asura are demon like race who have mysteriously arose, waging war on the Tiger, Elephant, and Monkey Nations, who already despise each other. You are summoned by the arcanum to cool this war down and to find out who is responsible for resurrecting the asura, and to help a growing Marleybonian colony

Jul 27, 2011
What I think would be interesting would be a world completely devoid of magic--a "muggle" world, almost. I mean, if there are so many worlds out there, why not this one? Maybe something horrible happened which then caused that world to be devoid of all magic, and then we, as wizards, would have to be tasked with reintroducing magic back into the world? Maybe we could have NPC's be confused to the concept of magic entirely, or have a situation in which magic is illegal in that world, yet still practiced by few in the attempts to bring it back?... I don't know, but it sounds interesting, maybe.

Feb 14, 2016
Maybe we could have a world based on music, with different genres of music in the different areas. Bosses could have a chance to drop playable instruments. The characters there could depend on the area, like maybe dogs from Marleybone in the area based on rock, and Polarians and animals with German accents in the area based on classical music (Polaris because of Russian ballets and characters with German accents because a lot of popular classical music is from Austria and Germany).

Aug 19, 2012
How about a world similar to Venice, where you can take boats to different areas and use roads to get to NPCs. The storyline is about a group of turtles that are trying to sink the world, because they think it should be an underwater city like Triton Avenue. The goal is to find the missing parts of the broken stabilizer to keep the world floating.

Jun 09, 2012
I would love to see the world where we came from. All we currently know about our home world is that the people there don't believe in magic. What if a gang of the people we've defeated come back, wanting revenge on the wizards, and we have to save our world while proving to our people that magic really does exist?

I know I'm probably not the first one to come up with this idea. But I think it would be AMAZING to see this in the game. If you do use this idea, make it sort of a sad, gloomy place until they find out about magic. After all, how would they live without it?

-Alyssa Daisystalker, Level 85

Jan 05, 2013
Chef City - A fun and vibrant world where all magic is based on food or used for creating the best new dishes.

Each school would correspond to a cuisine.

Myth - Classical Chef School
Balance - Diet School
Fire - Spice School
Ice - Dessert School
Life - Vegetable School
Death - Fast Food School
Sun - Superfood School
Shadow - Secret Menu School

Shops would be all about kitchen stuff, and chef jackets and meat cleavers would be the wizard gear. Outdoors items would be grills or fire pits.There could even be a Food Truck mount that you could add a logo to.

Storyline would be that evil wizards have created magical additives and mutant food items have taken over the world. Enemies would be food enemies (like the old Burger Time video game) and characters would be food puns or maybe wizard versions of famous chefs (Bobby Ole' would be a minotaur version of Bobby Flay). You'd have bad guys like Lazy Susan, or Eggs Benedict Arnold.

Missions could be things like crafting pet snacks, or gathering ingredients. Or maybe helping a chef wizard get his "mythical" (instead of Michelin) star.

Dec 27, 2017
to be honest I was thinking about chaos place where it can counter balance and make new school using chaos magic which is disaster I would love to see that and I would like to see new powerful boss that have really good look and impression
and chaos should be made of this and this
and that's it have nice day :D

Aug 01, 2012
I think there will be a light place made and full of light, there might even be a new element or something like building spells. I just an idea.

Nathaniel Thorn lv 54

Aug 01, 2012
What if they added universe magic that does all elements combined.

Dec 31, 2015
KittenNekoshi on Oct 30, 2017 wrote:
I am DEFINITELY agreeing with this ouo

Nov 19, 2013
a south America themed world and the world gobblers come from skull island chinese history the English colonist help fight agaist the british also the basmet of the ice school could be complete light magic were the council meets.