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You decide on a new world!

Jan 16, 2011
I like the idea of candy and sweets world the most by far.. It could be kind of like candyland atmosphere with the lollipop woods, gumdrop mountains, peppermint forest, and some new areas made up like the licorice plains, the chocolate falls, the cotton candy hills. It could be gingerbread people and some new candy races that are found throughout the world. Morganthe could spread here bringing a plague that rots and melts the candy and the bosses could be witches from the idea of hansel and gretel and some new type bosses. The new spells could be based on candy and stuff. I think this would be an epic world.
BTW- As you travel the spiral they mention worlds like Polaris, Empyrea, Mirage and some others. I think its time for these worlds to start appearing.

Jun 23, 2012
That's all i hear lately is about Myth being called the worst school. I don't agree with this and i think i got an idea to make it a bit better. Myth, we already know what it needs is a new AoE spell which could be the rank 11 spell for the next world. Perhaps make the new spells earlier then the ones in Azteca.

It might be time for a new set of schools or something similar to Sun, Moon, and Star. We had the Astral Schools Introduced at Level 50 so maybe at Level 95 or 100 we could introduce some new schools to improve in combat even more. These are just some of my ideas, feel free to list your ideas as well.

Apr 08, 2013
Hey I just thought of this new idea for a new big boss guy! So I was thinking that Ambrose's evil step brother (or neighbor or something) could steel the sorcerer's stone and we could stop him in four worlds. I was thinking for the first world we would have to rescue Nicholas Flamel from some hard boss. Then on the second world Penny ( Nicholas Flamel's wife) has been captured and we try to save her with Flamel's help but don't actually save Penny until the last world. The third world can be looking for the spiral key (kinda like in Mooshu). Then at the forth world we save Penny and defeat ... (sorry still haven't thought of a name for him) saving the spiral from utter destruction!!! What do you guys think Please give honest opinions

Jasmine DragonBane level 56

Jun 16, 2011
nullHow about aworld of the greek gods and godesses. Every school gets a different quest. Life would have to free a corrupted Aphrodite, Storm to rescue Zeus, death to rescue Hades, etc. Thats an idea from the top of my head. Maybe a world of Dalea Falmea's origin.

Jack Frost lvl 26 wizard.

Aug 16, 2009
It's not hard to realize wizard101 worlds and houses are based on countries around the world
WizardCity-Colonial America
Krokotopia-Ancient Eqypt
MarleyBone-England, UK
Mooshu-Japan (a lot of people think china but i am learning japanese and take japanese karate and the samurais make it japan and not china)
Dragonspyre-Italy (not many people could come up with this but when learning about Italy in geography class there is an old roman place there called the Basilica just like the commons of Dragonspyre)
Zafaria-South Africa (country)
Avalon-Scotland,UK (can tell by accent of Abbot Ewan/ I am Scottish heritage )
Azteca-Mexica (the region of Mexico the Aztecs ruled

Sultans Palace-Saudi Arabia (world of Mirage?)
Aquila Palace-Greece (world of Empyrea?)
so anyways i wanted to get replies from others saying what other country themed world ideas with countries they havent used for instance i though a South Korean themed world called Seoul or something i would love to see replies!

Feb 25, 2009
the guy with a gec... on Jun 3, 2013 wrote:
Aqualia Polaris Weirwood honestly three more worlds and other ones (sorry forgot some d: ) well certainly aqualia though aqualia is in Pirate 101 and the new bundle came out and it is Aqualian themed the house is called Aqualian Palace. ugh that was short.

the guy with the gecko Elijah Firefist level 37 fire Pyromancer
There are actually 3 new bundles out. The next world could be any one of them or, KI could be just trying to throw everyone a curve ball and have something completely different in mind...... LOL

Nov 01, 2012
nullYes. Glad to know am not the only one who wants a Percy Jackson/ Greek mythology based world. If they did this I might actually read the storyline...

Nov 01, 2012
Nov 01, 2012
nullI don't want another Zafaria type world D:

Jun 30, 2011
nulli think heard some people talking on you tube a bout either candy land or Olympus for the candy land it would be based off the game is what people said but I think Olympus would be a more epic it would be divided into 3 parts , , and that is what I heard what do you guys think I also would know what you guys think about new spell Ideas how would the spells attacks what would the spells be how strong ect. ? will there also be more astral spells?
please let me know what you guys think

Blaze soul flame
promethean sorcerer lvl 90 balance

Jan 18, 2013
How about a world on the edge of the spiral where a world corrupted in darkness. Also Headmaster Ambrose gives a Mysterious quest to the young wizard to travel to a forgotten world to overthrow the Nightlord of abominations. The mysterious world is covered by a glooming shadow of the Nightlord and his followers. The Nightlord seeks to cast his shadow upon Wizard City and Ambrose sends the young wizard to stop the Nightlord's reign of terror and set the people of the Mysterious world free.

The Mysterious Worlds name is up to Wizard101, because i can't think any name

Sep 01, 2012
I have a new idea for a world! How about you can create "Mirage" as a side world (Level 75+) Instead of making a new world so quickly? I think this is a good idea so people could level up and prepare for the next real world. Any thoughts?
~SabrinaMisty, The Koolest Kitty around!

May 10, 2011
i have ben dyeing to send in an idea for a new world for the game, now, i have one! XD how about a world on clouds, floating islands, and air ships

Story: the story of this new world coukd be: its a peaceful world, the cloud the people there live on never rains, some dark force will make it rain, its storm warrior people are there to help with this, her world has no rain, so she will destroy this world to make it happon.

tornado: a atutaul tornado
avalanche: attacks all enimies, with an avalanche.
rain of doom: rains doom skulls on all enemies
rain of fire: ir rains fire!
idk what to name this: you use the last attack done to you, just 25% stronger
time travel: heal the ammount of damage done to you on the last turn
: thunder storm: a, um, THUNDERSTORM!!!!!

thunder clouds with eyes
shadows of evil
storm elementals
sky lords

a little cloud with cute little eyes
a rain drop with eyes

a cloud to sit on and ride
a tornado to stand in as it carries you around
a little air plane
a little helecopter (two player mount)

a cloud palace
a house on a giant rainbow
a house IN a tornado, the outside is just a porch, all you see is the inside of a tornado, but the inside is huge

there should be stuff like a outfit made of clouds... thats all i got lol

hope you like this idea

-olivia Ravencloud Lvl 47 ( currently lol )

Jun 30, 2011
nullI heard from some people that the new world coming out is not gonna be Atlantis because think about it Atlantis is basically celestia I also heard that its gonna be based on Olympus and its gonna be divided into 3 parts
And with a bit of thrown in there because originally Bartley said that the world was made up of 3 gods or something and that we're fighting and Bartleby seperated the worlds well any way why would they just come out with a new bundle based on roam and Greece It's kinda suspicious I mean they did the same thing with azteca they made a prehistoric bundle to go with it well it's either that or it's gonna be mired remember wysteria when the girl said she came from a distant world .

wow big comment
Blaze soul flame lvl 90 balance
Lucus legend hunter lvl 34 death
Blaze soul flame lvl 21 storm

Jan 18, 2011
I think school exclusive worlds would be interesting, and maybe you'd start after wizard city and it would get harder until you're the max lvl doing stuff that's still difficult. but that would mean seven new worlds which would take a very long time but i still like the idea, this doesn't really fit the topic but I think it's ok, so... I think that the idea of a seventh character would be good so you could play as every school if you wanted to allowing you to experience each new world.-logan legendgem

Aug 31, 2010
I have an idea. Once you turn level 45 you unlock new missions in wizard city but there even harder and more action packed. And i have another idea. A world other then wisteria that uses and favorsandand

Jun 02, 2013
nullDude, I don't think KI is going to go have a huge negotiation with J.K. Rowling. And even if the do that, do you really feel like saving a very old (500) man? Do you really want to do four worlds just for a blood red stone? It's kinda like the mailistaire thing with keeping people alive. Also, do you really want to boss battle in the end a Professor Quirrell like person with two faces? Seriously, a H P and the Sorcerers stone thing would not be the best.

I think a good mechanical-ish world is in order. It would be like some large world with many industries and mechanical things, like clockworks, robots, really advanced technology, and the actual race of people could be like, a collaboration of animals from diffrent worlds with lab coats and goggles. The problem could be like the evil whoever is hacking the robots with dark magic, and making them go rogue and start destroying things. And new gear and stuff could be like a helmet and goggles, lab coats, a Steampunk horse mount, jet boots (for the first 5 hours equipped, the make you fly and go faster!), and other things like that. And the world boss could be one of the inventors who has been corrupted to be evil and is in a huge mech suit. Doesn't that sound cool? Oh yeah ps, another mount could be a jetpack.

Apr 08, 2009
I don't know if this has been said but me and my friend were thinking about possibly a greek themed world....if not as a main world(because it doesnt follow the story line) then as a side world. Where the titans are back and the gods are contacting wizard city for help...each god and goddess has their own section of the world we have to defeat...and a titan per section..then the main boss is Kronos....just a suggestion o:

Jun 04, 2009
i think it should be an Olympic world because of bundles because it will be awesome to be a gladiator like in roman times and can be awesome for new spells

May 22, 2009
World Ideas: Polaris like the one mentioned and seen in the Zafaria video by ki. Mirage and Mystic ones that I've hearded about. The Shadow-Web: A world that's been fully taken over by Morganthe. Cloudvania cloud type world. Oblivion: Maybe where you fight Morganthe.

May 22, 2009
Forgot some. Gobblerton and Candy World both mentioned in the game. Afterlife would be really cool.

May 22, 2009
nullKrokosphinx or the other small island where you can get the krok pet. You can already go there.

May 04, 2013
A food themed world! That way the gobblers would have a home, and they would of been driven away by the moldy food! but you restore it to normal, and the gobblers finally have a home again

And a spirit world, were you could visit "Headmaster Malistaire" and "Ammag the owl" (gamma backwords) the life teacher could be sylvia drake, and it could reveal all the other past ravenwood teachers, and the death teacher before malistaire!

just some ideas

Dec 16, 2009
What about a world that is southern themed and has bayous and swamps and things like that?

Mar 13, 2012
Poloris, you know, with Pegiun-men polor bears, seals, etc.

a world filled with Candy, Cake and Chocolate Bars, chocolate rivers, chocolate houses (There's never enough chocolate for me to eat XD) the gobblers home world!

A storm-ish world, like always raining, waves crashing on the beaches, wind blowing hard, etc.

Some world where we could use our jumping abllity for something

A fire world, where there's fire cats, fire elfs, sun birds, heck hounds, fire dragons, etc. living happily.

I hope you make these worlds!!!

~ Alura Battleheart, lvl 85 , Fire Goddess, Legendary Dragon