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You decide on a new world!

Jun 13, 2009
I haven't read all of everyone elses posts but some worlds that I think will be in the spiral will be like CandyLand.I think Professor Greyrose is from there ... Shocker ...

Sep 23, 2009
I like the idea jkdowney's idea Graveyard. I would have to say bubble285's post is not a good idea! NO AFFANCE BUT...

Jul 15, 2009
LafChill wrote:
I think there should be a swamp/jungle type of world so that the storm professor, sweepers and the misshapen frog people have a world representing them in the spiral.

Also I'd love to experience what the home worlds of Professors Falmea and Greyrose are like.

I think Professor Falmea sorta belongs in Dragonspyre. Fire,volcanos,and lava seems her style a bit.

Aug 06, 2009
izzi250 wrote:
i think there should be world were only grandmasters and masters could go to its a world were if your a certin school you get diffreant quest since your diffreant schools for a death mission you need to go to a haunted house and find if there really is paranormal activity in that house well for those you who like to get the inside scoop there is paranormal activity in the house so you report back to the vampire and your reward 800 gold and a new spell called death o mainia its three hits of death in one spelll but each part does a diffreant damage first part does 400 damage second part does 800 damage third part does 1,200 damage add that all up you get 2,400 damage. don't say its a bad idea you can only use it when your level 50 7 pips to do it and last quest you get a new spell when you complete the world by defeating the outsider gongo life rank9 boss beat him report to vampire you beat him you get a spell called all instead of three parts this time it does a twist it does every single magic in the game even death itself its a powerblowing move first hit is storm 200 damage then fire 400 damage ice 600 damage then life 800 damage then myth 1,000 damage balance 1,200 damage finally death a shocking 1,400 damage add all that up you get 5,600 damage. thats A LOT of damage its a six trio move its all six school moves in one untimate spell don't say anything bad about these spells please.

hi this is duncan shawdowthief i am sorry to tell you, but i am lv 50 death and beat malistair, but inless you were lv575, a death wizard can not do 5600 damige. i was always wondering why wraith did 500 damige instead of 750 and get healed as well. well so what i did to increace its power was use my cloths wich gave me a ton of good stuff. i can show you what i mean. check my cloths and get them from the bazor store. i have 1 one clothing you can only get from malistair. try to get slyvias vest to help out instead of malistairs. my death will be in the curent realm:area 1 realm hehaphant. i will be in the death school by dorwygon. behind him thoe. janaweary and febaweary. every suunday. my wizard name duncan shawdowtheif will be there. give me your wizard name i will show you. i am a expert at death, oh and i will have the badge savior of the spyrial. i look like a mean wizard because death is like eval. i have a wraith pet. i will show you my pet card and spell card. it will do a lot of damige. so i can find your wizard better say i am lv (what lv you are) i will be happy to teach any young death wizard and show you the basics to the experts. i will be glad to help in a dungean to. i will teach 1-15 12pm to 1pm 16-30 1pm to 2pm 31-45 3pm to 4pm 46- 40 will be 5pm to 6pm. i will worn you 46-50 you will fight me 1 on 1 to show you how strong you can be. i warn you i am so tough you might need to summon a minion.

i like your idea thogh i love it. death should be staronger.

p.s. you are not aloud to use pvp or crown items to beat me thogh i will only alow 450 areana ticket items
i hope i can help you out that will help you in tough battles one i am not on line.

Aug 06, 2009
siickdude wrote:
I think they should make a skool of evil and good
like at the begining of the start up screen when you have that guy in red with the snake vs that girl

me and my freind already came with somthing like that but instead of good it was light. samething though. we got the spells all set and everything. sorry
but good thinking

Aug 15, 2009
i have been thinking about this for awhile, everyone decorates there house or dorm room, right, how about at a certain level having the pictures come alive and suck you in the picture and each picture has a story and is a level, new pictures can be intruduced into the game as well.

i was also thinking that one world could be just woodland animals, talking racoons and deer and such but as you enter that world you become a creature as well, like a beaver or a badger whatever closely represents what school your from.

Jun 19, 2009
please reply

I think there should be an underground world with like hades in stuff. I can't think of a name for it but i'm sure kingsisle can. here are some ideas for it:

bad guys: heck hounds, skeletons, dead wizards

boss of world: hades

pets: mini skeletons, monster [not to scary for the younger kids of course]

level raising: Well there is going to be at least two more worlds so maybe 60 or 70.

houses: underground cave.

thats all my ideas in mind right now and i know some are stupid but lets see what your ideas are for this world

Dec 24, 2008
aweldy7 wrote:
IxionInc wrote:
Mmm... That world idea sounds like Kingdom Hearts to me, plus I don't really like fighting bosses solo, really hard.

I'd like a world that would be the domain where the myth creatures come from. Kinda have it be a Roman themed world, since all of the worlds are based off of the different empires of the Earth, and have it populated with conflicting empires and such, or have a world where magic and technology clash together in constant warfare.
i would likefor everyone to get like 10000 crowns or really good cards or alot of money
what does that have to do with worlds????

Dec 24, 2008
pwner12170 wrote:
I cant seem to get in Cyclops lane boss tower i press X and i can't get in?
what does that have to do with any thing

Sep 20, 2009
I think if there will be another world it should be your schools` theme. A theme example is ice, the world should be their challenges as a school. Like ice, ices` callenges is . . . some bosses that may cause a melting. And your scorld should be all about that school and with really hard quests you get level 50 plus things. Like robes and other things. The recipe vendors will be about the level you are by vendors from 50 plus to 60 plus. Each school world will be all about the colors. The furniture and other furniture should be statuses of the spells and the symbol. Merle Ambrose and others you CAN take my idea. I AM OKAY WITH IT. It would be so cool! Whatever school you are, you can only go to that world. Well, you can only have that key. You can port to your friends at their world, but your armor is less powerful . . . . It would be that way because you are not in your natural habitat. You are in a world where the theme is unbalanced wit the other schools. Well that is what I ave so far.

~Pineapple :-P PEACE

Sep 20, 2009
CatSydsMom wrote:
Lots of great world ideas here!

What I am curious about though is how they will continue the storyline. I don't know if any of you have read the Silmarillion (very beginning of the Lord of the Rings story), but most who haven't assume Sauron is the source of evil. Well, if you read the Silmarillion, you would have found out that even Sauron had a master. Since you defeat Mallistaire in Dragonspyre, I'm wondering if they plan on continuing as if an even greater evil was controlling him.

Still, I'm thinking that can only take you so far. Eventually, if they plan on continually adding new worlds, the storyline may have to start anew with a new and fresh "evil lord" taking over where the other left off, or some new disaster will have to occur.

It will be interesting to see where the story goes.


Well . . . after you defeat Malistare, you defeat the main bad cause of the whole wizard city, you then will help out your own school with their own problems so it is like an addition of the story. It can be an "evil lord" but it depends on the world you are in.

~Pineapple :P PEACE

Sep 20, 2009
GhostGirl14 wrote:
SandMaster001 wrote:
. Ithink wizards should be allowed to sit down on a chair or sleep in their bed.
I agree on this matter very much so! We should be able to sit and sleep in our house if we want to!

I agree to!

~Pineapple aka Gabbrielle Silverdust PEACE

Sep 20, 2009
ArtemisMoon8 wrote:
My idea:

At the end of Dragonspyre, you finally fight and beat Malistaire. At the end of the fight, you are poised to deliver the killing blow, but find that compassion, or guilt, or whatever, is staying your hand. You decide to let him go free and turn and walk away, but Malistaire aims a curse at your retreating back. You turn and defend yourself, but Malistaire perishes from the power of your spell. Ashen, you return to Wizard City...

Some time later, you are restless, helping other wizards to try and defeat the evil that is still rampaging through the Spiral. Always your wizard is thinking about how you killed Malistaire. Headmaster Ambrose sees this, and tries to help by offering you another adventure. He tells you about the magic he is currently studying, Astral, concerning the Sun, Moon, and Stars. He tells you how it was almost lost, and that it comes from, not a different world, but a different spiral. He tells you to go into his study, and all the sudden, the magical image of the spiral you are used to seeing changes into a different and strange spiral. In a flash of light, you find yourself shooting past stars and worlds, until you land with a jolt in... Celestia...

It is a futuristic looking world, smooth and sleek. The gleam of highly polished metal is found everywhere you look. The people look the same as those in Wizard City, but every now and then, a strange, lumpy sort of being moves past. The buildings are airy and elegant, with large windows and upstairs observatories in nearly every home. Down a street in the distance you see a spot of green, perhaps a park, in this bustling metropolis. Around you is a large crater, and people are staring. Finally, a kind young man steps forth, and your first quest is to go to the college and speak with the Dean. As an alien being, you will be quite welcome for study. This is a new and strange Spiral, which has evil plaguing it just like the Spiral back home. Eventually, you will have to defeat this great oppressor too... THE NEW BEGINNING

Sorry it is long and theatrical, but I like stories. Anyway, this is a good way to tie in a lot of the ideas other gamers like me have had. A whole new spiral means a ton of new possibilities, like a dream world, reverse world, and ideas like that. Perhaps, if the first Spiral is themed by past civilizations and cultures, this new one will be our hopes and dreams for the future...

Rowan Goldenglade

I like long storys to, and I love to explain a lot to lol. Thats a great idea, and the one that threw the comet is like Malistare`s kids that are now adults, which followed in their fathers footsteps sadly. So it is a future world where they are stronger an there are three of them! So the future wizard city will be even more powerful! Te previous worlds would be destroyed and crushed and replaced with world that are three times as harder. The future world is a all new game. But you have to have the code that every single one is different. So you cant write down someone elses. You log in with the same user and pass.

~ Gabbrielle Silverdust - find me in ds - :P

Sep 20, 2009
Otys wrote:
Sashomarine wrote:
I think we should have a world for all kinds of elements, here are some name ideas for the elements.

Kroktopia- Balance
Moo shoo- Life
Dragonspyre- Fire
The Ideas are:
Lightningpolia- Storm
Hailiolipa- Ice
Endplodno- Death
Mythornia- Myth

There, now everyone can fit in with at least one world easily! :D

actually there are some mentioned worlds that have elements elements.

storm-stormalot (that's where professor balestrom is from)

ice: candyworld (that's where professor greyrose is from)

myth:gobblerton (the original home of the gobblers, it was invaded by witches)
those worlds are yet to come, now here are some existent worlds.

death: basically, death is most used in grizzleheim, a LOT of the monsters there are death based. its a world of strong warriors, so grizzleheim gets death.

since marleybone doesn't use magic, they get the non existent astral element. they study science, and astral is basically atronomy, so science.

I LOVE candyland! ;)

~Gabrielle Silverdust ( Ice level 46 for now )

May 24, 2009
i like the idea of school themed worlds. you would gain access to all worlds once you beat malistaire and you learn advanced spells. and that is huge support from me because i am a no change kind of guy. back on topic. it would be an atlantis world for storm with posiedon the final boss (lots of people like the atlantis idea) a roman kind of world for myth with HADES for a boss a forest world for life with a twisted centaur a below the grave world for death with a freaky EVIL IDENTITY OF YOURS!!!!!!!!! he looks like this hehe. a balance world like a court. it's inhabited by court freaks and juror humans with the judge as the boss. a fire world with fire everywhere and pyro's all around and the boss is a dragon. and an ice world where it is sheer ice and snow. penguins are good and polar bears and leopard seals are evil and the boss is a big frost giant.
p.s. this is the craziest thing i have ever written on the site

Jun 24, 2009
I think there should be and Olympian world where all the Gods are in Greek Mythology

Good Guys
Aries-War City-Dungeon Aries Battlespire
Zeus-Lightning Land-Dungeon
Poseiden-Sea Depths
Hades-The Grand Fire Pits
And the rest of them are when you beat all lands

Bad Guys
Undead Warriors 1,000 health normal monsters
Corrupted King Alexander The Great 10,000 health (King of The Undead Army) these guys are in War Portal

Lightning Tritons 2,000 health normal monsters
King Shaitaigata (King of Lightning Tritons) 20,000 these guys are at lightning land

Water Tritons 3,000 health normal monsters
King Shaitagata 30,000 (King of Sea Tritons) These guys are in the sea depths

Burning Pheonix's 4,000 Health normal monsters
King Donzello 40,000 Health (King of Phoenix's) These guys live deep down in the grand fire pits

And the rest are UNKNOWN

This will be a cool world

Ok now i will describe it

The main city will be Mount Olympus And there will be portals to each place where a god is but the only way to get through is to beat from war city to fire pits first one is war city second one is lightning land third is sea depths last is the grand fire pits and the LAST LAST ONE is the REST of the gods but you have to FIGHT THEM AT THE SAME TIMES THEY WILL ALL HAVE 5,000 HEALTH AND THE FIGHTING SPACES WILL BE 20 INSTEAD


Dec 29, 2008
I think fighting all the bosses over again would take too long and be too hard.

I was thinking they could create a world where only the school you go to can enter

May 28, 2009
I LIKE THAT IDEA :D just dont make it a dungeon but i wouldnt say all the bosses in the game i would just say all of the bosses at the end of the worlds with a phew minions BUT not all in one of course

May 28, 2009
i had an idea like that :) i thought it could be called: stormadelphia!

Jul 26, 2009
I think an idea for a new world/realm would be to go back in time when Malistare was young and learning to cast spells in worlds like pandora, easter islad, machu pichu, atlantic,...... These worlds should only be for level 50 people. Friends should not be able to port to these worlds unless they are at least level 50. I hate friends porting in on my battles that weren't asked. Friends overall shouldn't be able to port in on a battle unless approved.

back to the new worlds. These new worlds should have new spells of course to learn and add to existing school. You don't need to create new schools the 7 now are enough. There should be a new assembly spell created with a red power pip. This spell could be like an ultimate demon called __________ with a 7 pip level and 700 damage to all enemies.and can only be used when you have a red power pip. You get these pips randomly but you have to have earned red power pip mana from different quests.

Nov 25, 2009
Bayleef1006 wrote:
wyattavery wrote:
Hi i'm level 31 there should be a word were merle ambrose is evil. Theres is wizards that are evil. and a world were you get to be a gobbler and the prince gives quests

I don't want to be rude at all, but that idea isn't very good I mean not everyone wants to be a gobbler. Prince? Merle Ambrose evil? Not many people would agree with your idea. :?
yes i kinda thought that was sometihng that wizards probbly don't want to do

Oct 23, 2009
Orca wrote:
I think what he is meaning like a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE golem tower. Odds of that are probaly no. That would be loads of bosses. Even bigger then big ben. A better idea for dragonspyre would be to have a golem tower with each boss you fought to get to the next world. Like first Lord nightshade then Krokpatra then Meowroity and then jade oni . To get to maliastare.
don't forget skelek!

Jul 12, 2009
baconater wrote:
I think there should be a couple more worlds after Dragonspyre, and they should change the Grandmaster level to 100. I'm am kind of getting off topic, after they make the other worlds they should make this place called The Boss's _______, I have no name ideas. In there you should be able to face each and every boss you faced on Wizard 101, being able to heal after some, and sometimes after two or three. Then there should be a final boss named _______, got no name ideas for he/her, and _______ should have all the elements with 30,000 health. When you face him/her you should be able to use some of your friends, because of course, you have no chance without other people.

Reply to me saying if you like this idea, or if you have something to add.

My idea is under the topic "Wizard 101 Malistare not the end..." posted by me Armorlad read that to see my awesome idea!

Dec 18, 2008
theres should be a world called "Tartaros" the meaning is "It is a deep, gloomy place, a pit, or an abyss used as a dungeon of torment and suffering that resides beneath the underworld". it could be inhabbited but death and myth creatures. "trataros" is a mythology name meaning is liseted above.

The boss at the end could be a Medusa. :D

Feb 15, 2009
that is a great idea! the boss's _________ would be perfect for wizard101! I would just like to add that it should be in a crown- free place so gamers without a acount can get to it. and lower levels should not have to face the top boss because we all know they would stand no chance without a grandmaster life and a grandmaster from a powerful school. and if a professor is reading this, please consider our idea.

level 36 pryomancer
Ryan Blueriver