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You decide on a new world!

Jun 17, 2009
hrk33 wrote:
i think a dragon world is there where the dragons took over all of wizard city to make it there own before bartebly sealed it

i think there might me a human world where we came from and you have to fight citizens.

what would be cool is to have holiday cities like hingus for halloween or tri lok for christmas

Um there is already a dragon world, DragonSpyre and the holiday world sounds good, but not where you came from. All you would fight is people with shot guns and evil people.

Sep 09, 2009
[I have a weird idea for a world

The world should be full of stormy clouds and be like FULL of mountains!! :D :P

May 14, 2009
SherlockBones wrote:
What new and imaginative worlds do you think are out there along The Spiral? Are there any areas in the current worlds that you wish you could have seen and explored? Remember a good detective is always asking questions, : "What is behind that door?" "I wonder where this leads?"

Keep up the good work my young sleuths!

sorry i have two players grand masters getting quite bored of it all there is to do is help people. i have finished new tower breeze .. wish i hadnt paid for a year now i oay for a mount then pay for crowns bet you folks got several hundred dollars from me.....is there gonna be any new worlds soon??????doubt anyone reads this that has an answer or cares

Jun 22, 2009
i think there should be a world that is cursed so it always changes like one moment your on a mountain you walk through a door and your on a beach or something and tthe storyline would be you hve to stop them from invading wizard city because they hate the world and its chagingness

Aug 18, 2009
ok, i am very tired so the ideas popping into my head are really stupid, but they may inspire good ideas in others

an old arcade game based world:
full of space invaders, pacmen, donkykong, link (legend of zelda), and ruled over by the evil dictator Pong. licencing to use these would probably be impossible though.

comic book themed world:
super heroes and villains (complete with there henchmen of course)

we've already met dorthy gail so why not go all the way and make oz? good and wicked witches, flying monkeys, munchkins and of course emerald city.

Dream world:
everyone and thing you meet is a character from someones dream or nightmare, but in this world they are real and manifest. this world could allow for some really unpleasant encounters where in the middle of a fight your worst nightmare happens, your robe, wand, shoes, etc suddenly vanish (just for the duration of the fight of course). just don't use the dream where i am naked in front of the class please :)

like i said i am very tired :)

Dec 22, 2008
Maybe a tree world.where like all the magical trees came from.maybe even a place that merele ambrose is and the final guy there good be the best tree he is a death tree and malistares favrite tree.i was looking though this and a lot of you took my ideas but i g this real great one.an anti space and time.likw lets see here for every wizard there is an anti wizard.for every person or creature like a myth troll there is a strom troll see and sometimes when you cast a spell it could me diffrent type.also for it if you target one creature and there is a another creature it might attack another one.it looks just like wizard city but all dark like.i hope this world would be a good one also look on wizard 101 and look for tanner emerald bright.

Jul 09, 2009
Maybe there could be a .... umm.... space world, that would be cool

Zeldaii wrote:
mkuliani wrote:
I like the idea of the Honey I Shrunk The Kids theme with big blades of grass and mushrooms, etc.

And conversely, a world where you are a giant.

How about a world that is almost purely flying? Not any kind of jet-fighter z-axis thing, just an environment that makes you feel high in the sky with cloud walls. The whole time, instead of running like normal, you would be flying on a broom/carpet/bird. A large zeppelin city would be a nice touch.

Greek/Roman world, togas ftw!

Fairgrounds world! The different parts are themed after the mini-games that you play to fill your mana. :)

I love a flight themed place! And for the higher levels they can pay to train for an ability to summon like a pet dradon to fly on, or that you could use your flying pets to ride on!

Mar 12, 2009
Hmm, new worlds....

Well, when I think about Celestia, I think about the moon, or outer space at least. My sister believes that Celestia has to do with aliens and UFO's, so we have a simmilar idea about it.

I also wonder if there would be a tropical world out there. I don't think an Ice wizard like myself would enjoy going to a very hot climate, but its a good idea too.

I've also heard an idea or two about a midieval world. I would think that outfits there would resemble Commander equipment from the arena, but I guess people like that. (I think its a bit bulky).

But I think there should be a Storm-based world soon. We've already got a world for Fire, Ice, Life, and Balance (I think MB is just a mix of everything), so there should be a Storm world soon. :D

Well, that's it for my opinions! 8)

Jun 19, 2009
my idea is a death world. It would be so cool to walk arond grave yards, help ghosts, go in to haunted houses and more! also fight malistare there because IT'S A DEATH WORLD HELLO? so please make one it would be so cool! here is a name idea DARKBANE. :D :D

Dec 13, 2008
how about a world that is all about alantia like your under grownd and you have to fight sharks and water dragons

Dec 15, 2008
baconater wrote:
I think there should be a couple more worlds after Dragonspyre, and they should change the Grandmaster level to 100. I'm am kind of getting off topic, after they make the other worlds they should make this place called The Boss's _______, I have no name ideas. In there you should be able to face each and every boss you faced on Wizard 101, being able to heal after some, and sometimes after two or three. Then there should be a final boss named _______, got no name ideas for he/her, and _______ should have all the elements with 30,000 health. When you face him/her you should be able to use some of your friends, because of course, you have no chance without other people.

Reply to me saying if you like this idea, or if you have something to add.

I love the idea, but the grandmaster is way too high, how about 70 or 80

May 30, 2009
I think the next world should be like ancient Greek. You have to defeat Minotaurs, Hydras, Centaurs, Storm Lords, and Trolls. Their would be lots of Myth based things. You could buy cool Greek armor and weapons. And you can have pvp battles for wizards 50 plus in a huge stadium there. If the next world would be just like this, it would be AWESOME!

Jun 19, 2009
I got a cool idea!

There could be a death world and you could like go in to haunted houses, solve ghost mysteries, transform into a ghost, and other stuff! Think of it people! I am a death wizard level 34 and i really want to fit in to a world! Also if you make a death world could you raise the levels. So like if i were a level fifty in a new world i could level up, cause someday i will be a level fifty.

name idea's

not many names i can think of lol

Mar 18, 2009
just put the following info my example

name: underworld
setting: stalagmites and stalagtites and red and flames and like a cave
how to get: beat malistare
reason to save world: Malistare is trying to come back to wizard city

Mar 12, 2009
JDK287 wrote:
I think the next world should be like ancient Greek. You have to defeat Minotaurs, Hydras, Centaurs, Storm Lords, and Trolls. Their would be lots of Myth based things. You could buy cool Greek armor and weapons. And you can have pvp battles for wizards 50 plus in a huge stadium there. If the next world would be just like this, it would be AWESOME!

Um, I though Dragonspyre was already a Greek-like world (with a little bit of other things, like Roman and Gothic stuff).

Jun 30, 2009
I think everyone has great Ideas. But, i think they are going to close to the worlds on Wizard101.. I think that, there should be like a world full of metal. Like, fighting Metal Men.. And stuff.. It would be pretty neat..

Sep 20, 2008
Here's mine ....

name: Stromwul
setting: storm-element world populated by Golem-like machine-people.
how to get: Reach Marleybone, and then complete a multi-stage Quest from the Storm Professor which includes battling him.
reason to save world:
Saving this world would convince its leaders to become allies against Mallistare, who has magically convinced them that Merle is evil.

Apr 02, 2009
I think there should be a ancient greek mythology based world with medusa, minotaur, cyclopses, and other mythological beasts. The story could be like the gods are fighting the titans in a war and they need your help to save olympus (that could be the world's name). The final boss could be Kronos the titan lord of time (he'd be myth) and you could fight the other titans like Atlas at the end of each street or area. That would be my favorite. :D

Or maybe, as others have mentioned, an atlantis world with tritons as the main charecters, and shark-men and seamonsters to fight. Plus, it would mean a world dedicated to storm which there really hasn't been yet. :(

And you might want to think about making the world the trader/merchant guy mentions in firecat alley. (was it something like Celestia? something like that.)

Jun 01, 2009
i think there should be a myth world with all the myths in the book.
digby frost storm lvl31 in mb

Jun 25, 2009
a haunted and cursed ghost world maybe? like its foggy everywhere and the bosses and everything are trying to take over that world. the good guys are ghosts and the bad guys are skeletons.

Sep 17, 2008
Feb 16, 2009

Sky* Ur in the clouds and stuff *
Center of the Wizard101 World
Earth * As in you come to earth *
A world with all the different worlds combined
Alien World * Diff from Space *

And lots more..... :?

Aug 30, 2008
i think a new school is coming with celestia because it doesn't fit in with being a world based on a school it cant really be storm becuase it cant rain every day :? and it cant be life or death since they dont seem to have anything to do with that it could be myth i guess but i just dont think it will be for some reason since ambrose mentioned astral magic and if you think about it it cant be fire or ice since celestia pretty much means space and for nor ice have anything to do with that and it just cant be balance dont make me answer that question of why think about it if it wasnt any of the elemental schools how could it be all of them? well i just think celestia is the next world and will bring a new school with it and a new lvl cap sorry if this was to long btw i just cant stop typing some times :(

May 25, 2009
I'm seeing a lot of the that same answers. They sound like good ideas, but just to expand on current worlds:

I was shocked that there wasn't a section of Mooshu that was all Tigers.

The Library in the Atheneum has several doors that go nowhere. That is a great place for a side quest.

There should be much more to Dragon's Mouth Cave in Golem Court. It sounds foreboding, but it's really a let down.

You should have to defeat ALL of the School Masters, not just Cyrus, in order to get to Dragonspyre.

There should be a lot more to the Great Troll's castle.

There are literally hundreds of opportunities for more quests in what you already have. With all the Reagent Vendors, Recepie Vendors, and merchants in all the worlds. There are already a bunch for the merchants in Marleybone, but little anywhere else.

May 25, 2009
ok this is really cool

a world that was created by parts of all the previous worlds mashed together.

like one street could be filled with kroks and pyramids while another is covered with bamboo and ninja pigs and so on.