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You and the pool/lake you have

Jun 16, 2009
Hi guys, You know when you have like a fountain pool or lake in your house? Well It just came to me that you can DIVE! in the water! Heres how it works: They'll be Swimming suits/trunks in the shopping district. It can be only for swimming, and not showing off, So when you dive, you can swim under water! And you will be able to swim under water, BUT! You can have, Swim goggles! If you prefer no goggles thats fine, It can be, Just goggles with no nostral thing and one with nostral thing! And you can invite your friends to, And your pets can choose! (They choose, you dont lol) Sry if i'm kinda being little harsh, It just came to me :D Got anymore Ideas about the swimming idea? I know it was aready made but when you DIVE in it, But you can come up with goggles or styles! Thx! =D

Apr 27, 2009
hey and certain houses wit bigger bodies of water could have a underwater "house" you could go into but it would be A TON of work but i hope KI tries plz try KI