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Yay, I have an idea!

Jun 23, 2011


I had an idea that we should be able to build and customize our own house for 20,000 crowns instead of 10,000. You could have every kind of plant imaginable and rocks and sand and water and stone and bricks and other things to make a house with. Then for 5,000 crowns or 40,000 gold you could plant a guard outside of it. It could be a spell character, something in the worlds like a fox from Avalon or a pig for Wysteria, or it could even be a..... drumroll...... giant bobblehead!!! :P If you'd like a challenge, you can even plant some enemies around your house so you can defeat some if you get bored. They can even be small bosses if you feel street enemies are a waste of time.

I also have another idea- unwanted guests look out, hehe...
For 500 crowns you can plant a strong wind outside of your house.
You can see the wind, very clearly. If you plant this and you have people at your house, a box with all of the people there pop up in the corner of the screen. You click each one you want out, and the strong wind will keep them away for the day unless you let them back in yourself.
Also, if you have an annoying brother or sister, the list is password-activated so only you can get into it.

List your ideas for houses, and add-ons and whatever else you can think of.

Here's my idea.
Rainforest House :)
Plants and waterfalls and trees and the house is in the very middle of the forest, in a tree :)
Also for a challenge there are some bosses in the forest.

Have fun, everyone!!

Feb 15, 2010
Well, that is a good idea, but that costs WAY too much, and it would take a LOT of programming to do.

Still, good idea though.

Courtney Starstone
Level 51
Grandmaster Theurgist

Jul 28, 2009
Thats an amazing idea I love it lol I really like the wind idea

Destiny DeathBlade
Lvl 58 Myth

Nov 26, 2011
Jul 27, 2009
More like for gold 8) not everyone has crowns and i think that you should have to defend your house like as a option or something like when you buy it it shows up to you want to have to defend your house and like for every time a enemy shows up everyone sees it and if your having like a party they can fight and still party

Jul 08, 2011
I would have halfang bristlecrown guard my house so i dont have to walk to farm, lol

Oct 24, 2010
this idea is EPIC! a house idea: underwater house! (if that house already exists, sorry. i'm only in MB)

Oct 15, 2010
They would basically have to give us the world editor, and I don't think they will. I really like the idea though!

Jul 05, 2012
I really love this idea :D
though there would be a lot of programming..
an idea for a house is in a volcano! O: !!
whatt?? it would :T

May 21, 2011
this is awesome! and it doesnt cost too much, i mean you have to get all this stuff, its worth the money. also with the wind thing, people already report people for kicking them from their house. anyway amazing idea! i would so get the rainforest house :D