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Wysteria's Anti-Ravenwood Schools

Jul 25, 2011
I was recently playing in Wysteria on my balance and I got to the part where we speak to all the teachers of Wysteria's school types. It was very interesting to my friend and I but we thought of something. If there are teachers of other types not in Ravenwood, why not have us be able to train spells from them. Each type of wizard could be able to get all of their school's anti-type spells. Example, a balance wizard would be able to learn Equilibrium Magic and Ice wizards would be able to learn Frost Magic. Since you can't access Wysteria until level 25+ maybe the schools could teach middle ranked spells until high ranked spells. Anti-Ravenwood school teachers could be like your second teachers. Well that's all I got for right now. If you have something to say just reply to me.

Blake StarBringer 100
Dylan FrostHammer 84
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You get the point +9000

Aug 20, 2011
Your model of learning is more true to life: you can learn virtually anything at any time from anyone.

But in the Spiral (and at the conclusion of past threads on this very same topic), Ravenwood and spell vendors are apparently the only place where you can learn new things.

Jul 26, 2011
This has been discussed over and over again and the answer stays the same. If you've read the books in Wysteria, they state that Pigswick Academy doesn't teach ANY magic at all. Most likely those schools were created to be "unique" from the real schools of magic though in consequence, couldn't teach the magic since it doesn't exist in the Spiral. So Earth, Ember, Tempest, Chaos, Spirit, Equilibrium, and Frost Magic wouldn't work.

Megan Frostflame Level 100 Child of Light and Shadow

Jul 25, 2011
Yea I just realized that. I read the whole story line of Wysteria and knew that but just thought that would be a cool idea, but now i take that back. The least KI could do is at least expand Wysteria. They could open up another door that leads to a different town in the World which has more areas to cover. There is a door behind Prospector Zeke that is blocked off by metal bars which could be a perfect place to open up more areas. Also another idea i had was if there was a second tournament for the spiral cup with more difficult opponents and have the battles seem like a real tournament. If you read the story line, after you beat Randolf, Belladonna says that pigswick academy will win the spiral cup next year. They could have the second area lead up to a quest where you do the second tournament.