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Wysteria spells

Dec 26, 2013
My thoughts for a future addition to W101...

I think it would be kind of nice to be able to learn a new, special, school specific spell from the instructors in Wysteria. I realize they're simply the same schools as Wizard City and the rest of the Spiral but with different names, Ice=Frost, Balance=Equilibrium, Life=Earth etc. But they all seem to think they're something special and we're but lowly, simple minded wizards from Wizard City and don't understand their "special" schools.
My thought would be maybe you'd get the typical urgent request from Belladonna Crisp asking for your assistance in saving Wysteria from some dire threat, blah, blah, blah. The invitation would be at a later time when your wizard reaches a higher level, let's say level 80 for the sake of argument and obviously should be fairly difficult and perhaps even be a solo only quest. By the same token the rewards should be high as well in addition to gaining a new spell. And of course there should be a Badge for successfully completing the quest.
"Guardian of Wysteria" anyone?