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Writing a post and improvements to the forum page

Jun 15, 2020
I'm not sure where this would go because this is about improving the forum website itself and I could not find any other topic to fit this in, so I am sorry if it's in the wrong place. However, I simply HAVE to write about this because it's a problem I'm sure other people have had in the past.

I was writing about a topic and going into clear details, going the whole nine yards, and was about to submit my post, but just to make sure, I proofread it and decided it was done. Then I hit the tick box to say "Watch this topic for replies" and without thinking, I hit the button right below it and boom, my 5,000 characters or so carefully written topic was just wiped out of existence and I was mortified.

Turns out, the "cancel" button is right below the "confirm you want to get notifications" tick box. But it's not really the placement of the button or the notifications tix box that I think need changing, it's the fact that you didn't ask me whether I wanted to delete the paragraphs I spent almost half an hour writing, you just accepted my accidental "cancel" to be an "I want to erase all of this work and go back to the home screen" button, and now I can't remember my talking points for that topic and I'll probably never write anything like it again.

I hope you have never had this happen to you because you were too eager to talk about a topic and wanted to post it asap. I also hope that some kind of confirmation for erasing a potential post is implemented on this website in the future because I don't want to sit through writing a post again for half an hour only to have it deleted and be forced to start all over at the simple press of one button.