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Would pay money to level pets and see traits

Mar 14, 2010
Hello, I am an adult with money. I've played this game 5 years, but my pet who I locked in, who is from Blockbuster Video to show you how dated I am, is barely over 900 xp into Epic.

There are two more levels I'll never see, and I have no idea if it is even worth it to buy crowns because first I have to buy very expensive mega snack pack and then play repetitive mini games to use them, or buy/farm couch potatoes and then garden for mega snacks... and then play the mini games Both time consuming, and not worth it.

Pets are a fun concept. One would still have to breed pets in order to get the ideal pet, but please consider crowns for leveling a pet to the next level, and crowns for getting a peek at what traits your baby pet will have. Thanks

Mar 31, 2009
I'm not sure what your pet is, but as a general rule the giftcard pets for one month membership don't have the best of talents and are more of a "starter pet." I have an Epic Polar Cat (from my very first membership when I was young) that is epic that while he does grant a Dragonblade, is completely useless otherwise. (I spent a lot of time training him, not realizing he didn't have any other good talents). I think that it would be nice if there was another way to train pets. (I suggested a new vendor at this thread, but I don't think the idea is taking off). Maybe they will add another way to level pets/talent preview or something. Who knows....

Nov 22, 2015
Agreed! I think you should also be able to buy/choose your pet's traits with crowns as well. Also, they need to either add more mini games or make the mini games more like Grub Guardian (I.E. long lasting).

May 10, 2012
If you are worried about mega pet snacks do what most do and farm mirror lake. Also there are many ways to get your pet up fast. Firstly get allot of mega snacks (if you farm mirror lake about 57 times that's all the mega snacks you need to go from baby to mega), next put your pet on a lvl 7 wizard and have him/her train it, now every time you run out of energy do a few quests and lvl up your wizard this will bring your energy to full then do it again. However I do agree with the whole talent preview thing but, to me it would just seem like a waste of good crowns unless the preview was cheap.

Dec 13, 2009
I hear you, pet training is a tedious grind and obtaining mega snacks can either be very expensive or a tedious grind. I have about 10 plants now that drop megas but that's obviously just not enough and I really don't want to farm for more so eh. Farming mirror lake for pixie sticks is also an option but obviously that takes time like everything else. You do get 2 of these snacks guaranteed for each run which is nice though.

You don't NEED megas though. Personally (and most people will probably think I'm nuts) I mostly use snacks from the bazaar. I buy the highest point giving ones I can find (which generally give less than a third of the points you get from a mega snack) and just grind away. I figure either way theres going to have to be a grind and a time sink. I guess I'm personally better with having the grind be on the actual pet training and not so much on the farming to prepare to train the pet. Yes it'll take you longer and require more energy to train the pet all the way up once you actually start the training, but I've also spent much less time farming (other than the occasional batch of 1 minute or less halfang battles for gold) so.. If you aren't in a huge rush then just go with the flow and train as you level up/as your energy refills and you will get there.

Anyway, for the original question, my wllingness to pay crowns to see talents would entirely depend on how much they would charge for such a service and if I could relatively easily gain that much through doing trivia and watching the earn crowns videos.

Sep 07, 2011
I'd hate to see talents for sale, or a "preview" cheat. That would be too easy for the rich kids, and unfair to the others who did it the normal way.

Good snacks are easier to get than ever, but it would still be nice to have single-stat snacks and maybe a little higher rank Mega - like 65 or 75 exp - now that there are higher ranks.

Apr 26, 2010
maybe adding a re-roll feature for crowns ,when you get a skill you do not like once per level up would suffice.