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Oct 22, 2009
In the arena wherever place you go such as Mooshu Arena, DS arena, or MB arena that music corresponding to that world should play. Next world added to the game should be a Spirit World. Lots of Death, Life, and myth enemies and allows us Wizards to get a change to take down Morganthe. Their would be nothing sweeter then taking the big bad boss lady down. Also add more gear!! Not just stats but appearance! Make an even broader variety of things so most wizards can have their own unique style!

New World-Spirit Realm

Jun 19, 2009
Another thought would be to have more interactive house items. For example..... Let's say a "coat rack" when you walk up and press "X" you can hang your robe on it. Would it be so wrong mixing "The Sims" in with it on the housing side. What about actually "Building" your own designed castle? K.I. If you had crowns cost to "free build" then gold to purchase items and premium items for crowns etc... this would make more money for you and it would also give a more unique feel to everything. Instead of the old "Ohh you have that castle" it would be "WOW, and you built all of this by yourself". I am realistic and I know that this would take some considerable programming changes and additions but I think it would be a great money maker and it would give us something to work for. I mean you hit level 60..... Great now quests don't yield experience... What now? Maybe quest to unlock house items or extend your property to build guild halls? Ohh and guild creation with leadership. Tougher "epic" mobs with higher entry team numbers.... instead of 4 how about 8 people on the epic mobs?????? Thoughts?

I have a plethora of ideas that could be very beneficial to the players and K.I.'s P&L report.

-Destiny Stormwraith

Nov 25, 2010
Hi, Blaine Ghostbreath here. I think there should be new side worlds that you can only go to after Krokotopia and Marleybone. Like Flingus, where you learn more about the history of the Tuts of Krokotopia, and more about the history of the Big Ben of Marleybone and why its in a museum not outside. Or a world that Bartleby brings you to, IN THE PAST! It shows you Cyrus Drake and Malistare Drake as children, how they learned magic. And you need to help them (Malistare doesn't deserve it) get back their wands from the tritons.

Those are my ideas, hope you liked them.

Blaine Ghostbreath, Level 35 Necromancer

Jan 16, 2010
Hey guys.
Over here, I'm just gonna be posting some ideas i have and which may or may not be used into the game.

I'd love to see a mountainous region, with your regular greenery and stuff, but like with raging and howling winds at the top. There would be different rings of mountains. One ring would have dark, stormy mountains, enveloped in clouds and stuff and bursting with static electricity. The second ring would be like icy mountains with constant blizzards and the third would be volcanoes, where most of the quests would be inside. I'm thinking that this area could be the home of the Helephants, where we meet our favourite Grizzleheim Helephant, the Gurtok Barrier Demon. :) :)
Not too sure about the name though.

It could be a holy sort of planet with multiple suns and a lot of light. The name, 'Aspar' was one I liked.

Or maybe the idea of an archipelago-ish planet would sound more appealing.
One giant core of land, (this one could have any icy core, or we could go with the standard fire one) with islands of land circulating around it. We could access the other islands via teleporters or airships, etc.

Or maybe a totally dead world, with zombies, witches, undead paladins, etc.

It also struck me to have a School feud every week.
Where there would be contests of school versus school, like PVP, and the school which won the most battles would have a special shop open up for them.
E.g. Ice would be pitted against Myth, i.e. no school would be strong or weak against the other.

Thanks for reading, (if you actually *do* read this.) I hope it gets read, anyway.
Hope that KI continues to make newer and more exciting worlds.
Mark Duskhorn

Jun 11, 2009
:-)I just have some ideas for Wizard101, so I thought I'd share this with KingsIsle if they needed some help. Okay, so the 8th world is called Destania, but isn't quite mainline. The Headmaster summons you, and tells you about Morganthe's evil, devious work currently being improved. He looks down and says "I hate that I must ask more of you, but you have to stop her. I know you are capable of it, and I wish you the best of luck." Then he hands you the key to Destania. There you will train useful spells, practice your dueling skills, and buy new gear with INCREDIBLE stats. You are doing this because Morganthe has stolen some power of the worlds, and used some of it to bring back fallen bosses and supercharge them, to destroy all powerful wizards so she can rule all of the spiral. The world you have to go is called "The Fallen Lands", but was once a beautiful place called "The Meadow Lands" and had full, gorgeous meadows, filled with flowers, grass, trees, and many forests. Morganthe ruined this and now it looks abandoned, with haunted houses, barbwire, dead trees, and constant thunderstorms. You will be challenged with many of the Undead bosses, and they have 2-3 minions no matter what. The gear from Destania will help greatly, along with the spells, but I'll leave it to KingsIsle to decide what the gear gives. It should be pretty fantastic, though. The level 68 spells now? Yes.

Ice- Ice Witch: (Appearance) A witch of ice with white skin forges giant ice shards and throws them at the enemies causing the damage. For the shields, the witch creates a snowy wall that makes the shields. The wall erodes away in a bit. Now the acutal spell: 500 damage to all enemies and -35% to next attack spell to all friends.

Fire- Lava Beast: (Appearance) A giant figure made of lava throws steaming lava rocks at the foes, causing damage. Then the damage over time effect takes in by the beast sprinkling lava on the foes causing the burn. Now the actual stats of the spell: 600 damage to all enemies+400 damage over 3 rounds

Storm-Mermaid: ( Appearance ) A beautiful mermaid swims during a thunderstorm when she sees the foes. Then she rests on a rock when she strikes the foes with an electricuted tail. Stats of the spell: 850 damage to all enemies+35% to next storm attack to the user.

Balance:Cleopatra: (Appearance) Cleopatra comes out of a pyramid, looking mummified. Then she unwraps her beautiful face, and throws shards of the rock from the pyramid at the foes, and then gives your teammates a bladestorm. Stats of the spell: 700 damage to all enemies+20% to next attack spell to all friends

Myth- Griffin: (Appearnance) A griffin in its nest sees the enemies and strikes them with its mighty beak. Then, it caws and puts up an enchanted "Time of Legend" global effect. Stats of spell: 650 damage to all enemies+40% to all myth spells

Death-Undead Raven: (Appearnance) A raven looking dirty and vicous strikes the enemies with it's talons. Stats of spell: 700 damage to all enemies, swap half to heal+30% to next death spell to user.

Life-Mystic Forest: (Appearance) A lush, full forest appears, and all you hear is the soothing sound of the wind. Then, striking all enemies, sharp razor-like leaves hit them causing damage. Then the leaves and grass, or petals glow white and heal all your friends. Stats of spell:500 damage to all enemies+550 health to all friends.

Now, the quests.
Fire-Dalia sends you to duel a boss in The Fallen Lands, to collect a lava sword to present as a gift to the Lava Beast.

Ice- Lydia tells you to go to GrizzleHiem and go to RavenScar, then collect perfect glacier snow from various creatures. 8 of them to be excact.

Storm- Halestrom tells you to collect electricuted scales from 8 voltic eels.

Balance- Alhazared tells you to collect jewels and new mummy wrap from 18 creatures in Krokotopia ( because it is EASY )

Myth- Cyrus tells you to go give his robe to Victor Darkwood first, then when you return, he tells you to gather some food for the Griffin, by collecting it from 9 Sanzuku Bandits in Mooshu ( I have no idea how to spell that, lolz )

Death- Dworgyn tells you to gather rare long earthworms and perfect twigs from that mysterious cave entrance blocked off in The Haunted Cave

Life- Moolinda tells you to gather sacred petals, leaves, bark, twigs, and leaves from a pile in a boss's lair in the Fallen Lands

Sorry for the long, long page guys

P.S:If I left out too many details, please tell me. :-)

Nov 06, 2010
I keep thinking there needs to be new areas for levels 1-45 or so. Breaking it out into similar levels it would be fun to see a new starting area, which is only accessible with a level one, once there is a max level wizard on the account.

Then there could be a new level 20, 30, and 40 world to quest through.

Maybe this could involve resting your max level favorite wizard back to level one, with some benefits.

access to combo buffs, not stronger than the originals, but equal and different. Instead of a +40% blade, which you would still have access to, maybe it is a +25% and +15% accuracy blade.

Also, instead of new single school spells, there could be spells based on your major and minor?

There could be a new minion to earn too.

Possibly there would be a new equipment slot, like a ring slot.

Just some thoughts, but it seems like there should be talks about 4 new worlds, not just 1. And not that it has to be a higher level world but a way for top wizards to re-experience those new lower end worlds with different wizard mechanics.

Jun 04, 2009
Oct 18, 2008
AFTER all the new stuff coming on wizardz. I was thinking to ask you people to make a Dinosaur World, with quests from Experts. And the enemies could be a T-Rex and different kinds of dinosaurs...... and New pets with the world. like those little dinosaurs that's plant eaters i don't know the name.

My second suggestion of the worlds is a Faerie World. There would be like a kingdom, and the king was kidnapped and WE are the last hope, because the evil fairy wanted to take control. Our enemies could be like Evil pixies and faires, and imps, centaurs and the can be like magical animals. Like: A dog, or something like that!!! :D I hope you like MY IDEAS.

Apr 02, 2009
Hello! So far, us wizards have heard of seven new worlds (I put where we heard them from in parentheses):

Candy Land- Gobbler home world. (Wizard city)
Weirwood- A kind of forest world. (Wysteria)
Umbryea- Home of the sky squids. (Wysteria)
Mirage- A city within the desert. (Wysteria)
Yago- Home of the helephants. (Wysteria)
Avalon- ????????????????? (Zafaria)
Polaris- ????????????????? (Zafaria)

(Avalon is a total mystery, but Polaris is an actual star. These were only briefly mentioned by a shop woman in Zafaria.)

Morganthe's prophecy is as follows:
"(1)The mirror will break... (2)The horn will call... (3)From the shadows I will strike... (4)And the sky will fall!"
1) I will not say anything too specific, but let's just say we don't have to deal with that part any more.
2) Whenever I hear this line, I think of Grandmother Raven. One of her weapons is a horn that she holds, but it also sounds like it might have to do with Yago.
3) This line could mean anything, but the most likely candidate would probably be Weirwood since it is a foresty area, where there could be a lot of mysterious and dark places.
4) Since this line has to do with the sky, I would say it probably has to do with Umbryea, since it has to do with the sky squids. Also, this is the last line of the prophecy and the word "Umbryea" kind of sounds like "Umbra."

I am not saying we are going to visit these worlds in the future, but I certainly do hope so! Share your way of interpreting the prophecy, and any more facts about the mentioned worlds.
-Blaze ShadowHunter, Legendary Pyromancer

Jan 25, 2012
maybe I'm a simple girl, but I'd like to visit those world they mention but don;t let us visit..like the gobblers world, or the world that girl from wysteria mentions that has the goblins and strange plants..

Nov 26, 2011
darkcloyd wrote:
maybe I'm a simple girl, but I'd like to visit those world they mention but don;t let us visit..like the gobblers world, or the world that girl from wysteria mentions that has the goblins and strange plants..

Yep,that would be pretty cool.

Dec 29, 2011
I honestly think that all of the teachers should be from a world, and those worlds could be the ones after Azteca.

Feb 24, 2009
Mar 13, 2012
Flametopia! :DDDDD!!! although, candy land is a very awesome idea too, I would steal the chocolate.

~Alura Battleheart, level 74 pyromancer

Dec 25, 2012
life topiea what school is that for

A life
B fire
C death
C myth
D ice
E storm (i do not favoer a school)

Apr 17, 2011
Jun 15, 2011
Headmaster Ambrose, Gamma, Cyrus Drake, Malistare, Flamea, and Greyrose are from Avalon, Moolinda seems to be from Mooshu, the Balance dog professor is from Marleybone while the actual school of Balance is in Krokotopia, the Death school kid teacher is from Wizard City, and Dworgyn at the Death school in Nightside used to work with a cat mad scientist from Marleybone, so maybe he's from there too. (There is a frog that looks just like Dworgyn, too.)

The only teacher left would be the Storm professor, which is very likely from Celestia. Sorry, but I don't think your idea would work, though it is an interesting one.

Oct 26, 2010
Well, Ambrose is from Avalon...
Moolina Wu is from Mooshu...
Cyrus Drake... Azteca??
Alhazred... Krokotopia
Harold Argleston... Marleybone
Lydia Greyrose... ???
Dalia Falmea... Zafaria???
Halston Balestrom...Celestia??

Dec 08, 2012
the worlds be this

  • storm=haitheotop
  • fire=pyrantia
  • ice=theijoriantio
  • life=dorenthyoli
  • death=gothropia
  • myth=somuntia
  • balance=haleoprotias

Sep 07, 2008
Well most of them have already been made.

Moolinda wu: mooshu
Cyrus Drake: Avalon
Dworgyon: Wysteria or avalon
Alzahard: Krokotopia
Dalia : Avalon (In the fire elf village you see her people, one of them teaches you dragon spears)
Lydia greyrose: Candyland (it says in a school quest)
Prof. Halestorm: Celestia or another world

Dec 29, 2011
This is what I mean, I think that there should b expansions to the worlds, and new ones, I think there should be a house where they live and it is their house and we get quests there or something along the lines of that.

Alia Dawn ~ Level 47 Thaumaturge

Jul 14, 2012
My friend and I were talking about worlds, we thought it would be an awesome idea to have worlds specifically for you own class. No other wizards could enter but of the the class (example:Fire).

The worlds would probably be after Azteca (or whatever new world KI comes out with).

I would like to everyones response on this awesome idea

Oct 24, 2010
spoderman pls on Jun 7, 2013 wrote:
My friend and I were talking about worlds, we thought it would be an awesome idea to have worlds specifically for you own class. No other wizards could enter but of the the class (example:Fire).

The worlds would probably be after Azteca (or whatever new world KI comes out with).

I would like to everyones response on this awesome idea
um, no thank you. Perhaps these as side worlds or something totally optional... but not as a required area.

Jul 14, 2012
RavenLady777 on Jun 7, 2013 wrote:
um, no thank you. Perhaps these as side worlds or something totally optional... but not as a required area.
It makes the game more of a challenge if it's required.