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World Themed Crown Shop Houses

Jul 18, 2012
I think it would be cool if houses themed for a world would be put in the crown shop
Ill list my personal ideas below

Wizard City- A huge castle with a night side themed basement and a huge tree growing inside and on the castle

Krokotopia- A Pyrimid House with a secret Krokosphink island and a tomb of storms portal to get there

Marleybone- A Big Ben and museum house with many other towers and silos with many alleys and streets for a courtyard

Moo shoo- A Bamboo maze with a big palace in the middle with a secret sapling of life ( Tree of life seed )

Dragonspyre- A huge volcano house with balconies and ledges all over

Celestia- A District of the stars themed palace with beautifal cosmic rooms and magical force fields

Zafaria- A Treetop Mansion with many bridges And miniature huts all around

Avalon- A Castle damaged and broken with a hidden diamond mine underneath

Azteca- A ruined temple with a secret xaibiah ( I might have misspelled that correct me please ) fragment in a cave

Grizzle hiem- A half grizzle hiem half winter tusk lodge with arctic landmarks

Wysteria- A wysteria estate and a pigs wick academy street with multiple empty rooms in the streets

Fell free to add things to the houses or completely construct your own

Coyle Thundershard level 42 Wizard

Jul 18, 2012
I have to change one thing and add another

Dragonspyre - A fragment of dragons pyre that was sent into oblivion during the tgd war and nature is still flourishing there

Krysalis - A tower of Honeycombs with many amber honey hybrid crystalline features and an amber estate like balcony with a ring of arches