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World Suggestion - Dragonspyre Past

Aug 20, 2014
Remember Dragonspyre, the grand chasm, when you did the Dragonspyre Past quest? From there you could tell Dragonspyre was a beautiful and amazing world before, with water and green plants. What if you could go back in time to an age before the Dragon Titan? To see Dragonspyre before it fell to ruins? To me, this seems like an amazing idea, and maybe you could do quests for characters that where GHOSTS when you first did Dragonspyre. Wouldn't that be interesting? Well, those are just my thoughts. Feedback would be nice.

Mar 27, 2011
Yes. I think sometime we should time travel back and save/restore Dragonspyre. I'd like to turn Mali's ghost back to good too.

Feb 26, 2012
I love this idea.

Every time I have done DS I have thought it would be cool to have seen more of the world in its glory days, instead of after the apocalypse. Thanks for posting this idea.

Sep 19, 2013
No. Time travel never ends well. The Grand Chasm Past was acceptable because we didn't affect anything major, and we had no other option. Altering time on such a scale would cause major paradoxes, and that's never good.

Aug 20, 2014
Wasn't Ghost Avalon time travel, also? And It's a game, you don't have to go through all this sciency stuff.