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World Idea - Midgard

May 06, 2010
Hi everybody, so I was thinking, that since Wizard101 already has 1 of the 9 norse realms Nidavellir, then there should be a quest given by the grendel standing in the middle of Nidavellir. Here is the basis of Midgard.

Midgard is one of the nine realms of Norse mythology. Midgard is the 'home of man' where the humans live as well as a few creatures from the eight other zones. The nine realms/worlds of Norse are Helheim the domain of dead, Niflheim the snow covered land of ice, Jotunheim the land of giants, Nidavellir the land of dwarfs, Svartalfheim the domain of dark elves, Midgard the middle earth l...and of humans, Alfheim the domain of light elves, Muspell the land of fire giants, and Ginnungagap the ancient void of chaos.
The storyline of this world is to save the past and rewrite the devastating future. As the mythology predicted, Midgard would eventually be completely destroyed by the Jotuns. The great sea serpent Jörmungandr, would arise from the ocean at the end of the battle, and release his poisonous venom into Midgard. Legend says that the world would eventually arise as if it was reborn, but it did not. Instead the venom of Jörmungandr roamed throughout the other eight realms causing terror and destruction. If all eight of the realms are destroyed, many of the mythological beings would no longer exist.
In this Wizard101 world, you will be sent back in time to save Midgard from the evil Jotuns. You will be aided by characters from six of the other realms, and you might get to visit an area or two of the other realms. (Ginnungagap and Nidavellir’s characters don’t really appear much)

Wizard101 should make a world like this, and if they do like this idea they can take all the credit for it I don't care if I don't get credit. Who likes the idea?(:

Aug 09, 2011
May 03, 2009
I think you could also incorporate some of the gods of norse mythology into it as well like Thor, Oden, Loki, etc. and then you would get to go to places like Asgard possibly as the next world in the story arc. Sry if this bugs you, I am a BIG Avengers fan. The movie comes out in 10 days! WOOT WOOT