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Word of advice

Jul 16, 2014
if you going to let side quest bosses and their minions hit us for over 2k damage even with 50% resists on then please either lower thier critical and block or make our pets heal much much more. This is rediculous. The solo player has no chance in Empyrea Part 2.

Mar 10, 2015
No don’t lower it

Most of it is soloable as of now other then a few bosses. Tell me your set up before complaining. I soloed a large amount of them and can suggest a tactic.

The needs to solo:

May cast conviction on pet or a tc for it. This takes your block to the 30%ish without a block build.

Cabalist boots, Malistare robe, Either Malistare helmet or Krokpatra depending on class. Morganth amulet, ok wand, anthem of darkmoor, ring of kataba ice block.

Pet that is needed universaly.

May cast conviction or fortify, Proof, Pain giver, X dealer, healing current. With a jewel of X giver. This pet covers all grounds and makes it much more difficult to dye.

Likewise you need TC shields for every class. TC satyr, tc feint if not trained. Deck of 25 cards. Each having 6 blades X 2 to kill. Reshuffle. A few traps, heals, and tower. 4 AOE hits, 2 single hits, 1 shuffle.

Have fun beating most bosses alone. It will take several tires