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Wizard101 wishes

Dec 19, 2008
Hmm i wonder what are some great things people have thought of for wizard101 hmm well what i wish is:

Wizard101 will never end

You can turn into a spell of your school at will during battle and choose your attacks ( a certain spell though to make this happen)

Be able to have three more secondary skoolz

Make people click on a friend wheather signed off or not you can click on them and they have a slot named "Go to home" and the owners can lock their house to prevent people into go their homes at will

On your friends list at the bottom it says "Add a friend" so you can type a character's name and it will automatically send a friend invitation to the character's name you typed in

We can make hoverboards for mounts

Lvl 48 spells as pets (other than orthrus thats already a pet) and like orthrus they can make the spells stronger)

With the flying mounts you can go up 1 or 2 feet higher

A house when you go in its nothing but surrounded by flames and elevators and a teleporter outside that makes you go into the sky and your walking on clouds

If you have any ideas post on this forum i wanna see other peoples ideas

-John NightWalker

Apr 24, 2010
There can be a hair styleing place where you can get your hair styled or dyed.