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Wizard101 the Movie part 1

Mar 29, 2009
______________Wizard101 the movie1________________

This takes place in the evil times when we fought for freedom.

Tuesday July 26

Well it was a rainy night in the summer of 2056.In RavenWood school it was dark.Storm bolts hit the ground.Then the biggest thunder you
ever heard CRACK BOOM! HeadMaster ran to the RavenWood schools he says ,"The death school where is it "? He looked on the ground &
saw a Wraith card.

Wensday July 26

HeadMaster sits and thinks for a while to figure out who would have done this.HeadMaster goes to marleybone and finds sherlockbones.
He tells him," Please sir figure out who would do such a thing to our school". Sherlockbones nods his heads and says," Ok I am always up for
a good mystery".Sherlock bones goes to Watsons house and says "boil up some coffee it will be a long night".Sherlock bones studies the
wraith card he detecks it for finger prints and sure enough they were smart to erase the finger prints of the card so their are no leads.
Sherlock bones finally calls it a night at 3 A.M.He heads home but on the way he says to himself " why would a student be up in the middle of
the night and be smart enough to erase the finger prints"?

Thursday July 27

Sherlockbones inspects the RavenWood school and finds one more clue a black piece of hair the kind a man would have not a kid but a man.
He runs D.N.A test and it points to a hair type in DragonSpyre but it doesnt say which.He has a great idea of who it is so he rounds up some
warlords and brings watson.He goes to malistaires lair and says "Freeze" then at that moment malistaire. Uses his guards to attack quickly he
disappears out of no where. Watson says "how did you know boss" Sherlock bones says " its elementary my dear Watson".Headmaster comes as
soon as head read the letter sherlock bones sent him.Headmaster says,"Sherlockbones you might be on the trail to defeating our greatest enemy of
all time, Masistaire....the greatest threat known to wizard kind.As a warlord gets up he says,"Where could malistaire have gone"?Headmaster replys
by saying,"I dont know"."But I do" says sherlock bones "He is to smart to go to the 5 main worlds circling Wizard city, right.Head master says,"yeah
but he couldnt have gone anywhere else.Sherlock bones says, "Maybe not in the 5 worlds but I have heard in local news that a place called grizzle
heim has been located in this galaxy,they say its is full of walking bears,wolfs, and birds"."Well its worth a try we have no other clues" says the

TO BE CONT......