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wizard101 the card game!

Dec 20, 2008
hi i was thinking of haveing a wizard 101 card game. it would be cool because when your not at home and not with a computer you can do wizard 101 card game soo hee are some of the rules.

the basic thing is that every one has 2,000 health and you have a card deck you hane a minimum of 30 cards an the max is 100 there are still the same schools fire,ice,storm,etc.and you have pip tokens and you can get power pips from stater decks and stuff and every card spell card in wizard 101 and more will be in their you get booster packs and stuff so say your death wizard and you have the death power pip to prove it and you get hit by a life spell. you take 50% and add that to the total. ok and treasure cards you can only can have 10 and each can be used once. and say you cast a sheild you put it in the support zone and if you cast a global spell you put it in the feild zone and say you cast a spell that boostes your spell you put it in te boost zone. well thats about all if your reading you can say you like it or not and you can also add more rules this is

chrisdeathwalker bye

Aug 29, 2009
Awesome idea. I would also suggest that accuracy be implemented as a dice roll. if a spell has 70% accuracy then it would only need a roll of 3 or higher. if the accuracy is 40% then it would need a roll of 6. 50% would need a roll of 5 or 6. ect....

obviously this would need to be fine tuned but you get the idea.

Also there should be equipment cards that can be used to modify your base pip chance and accuracy.

Jun 17, 2009
ok tell me how will myth be able to summon minions that can't use their spells?

how will this benefit all the cons to making card games

such as:
-promoting monopoly (gambling) bad
-causing kids to steal cards (bad)
-causing fights between best friends (bad)
-this is a children's game the cards in game are good enough.
-making cards would also make the downfall of kids lessen their times on wizard101 game.

Dec 23, 2008
tracinjd wrote:
ok tell me how will myth be able to summon minions that can't use their spells?
Have someone volunteer to be the minion and there could be special 'minion spelldecks' for them to use. :D