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Wizard101 Team

Aug 09, 2013
Lately, I have been thinking a lot about a wizard101 team. Wouldn't it be cool if there was a team of four wizards who could take on any creature together? One wizard would have to be a life wizard, and he/she would be responsible for healing everyone. The next wizard would be from balance, and they would be responsible for all the shields, traps, and blades. The third wizard would be from storm, and they would be the major damage person of the group. The last person would be from fire, and they would cast a bunch of aura spells like link, fire elf, and heck hound. Doesn't this wizard101 team sound so cool? The one condition for this team would be that if someone in the team asks for help, you must stop everything you are doing and help your teammate. I know someone has probably already thought of this idea, but I thought it would be cool if this team could actually happen!!!

Amber SpiritShade Master Pyromancer

Jun 13, 2009
Everyone already does this in dungeons and most quests are pretty easy to solo.