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Wizard101 Ideas Part 1

Jan 24, 2009
Hello wizards i am not very skilled although i am lvl 51 but these ideas are made to make the game more enjoyable, creative, wider, more enhanshive, more life like as if you were in the game, and still be about the same topic of wizards and all that!
1, Clans: I know it's kinda like groups but let me explain, in clans you make a clan name like Titanimos, Myther Winners, The summoners, The Titons,
and when you are in a clan you can say the name in chat and set up a base the leader sets up a base they pick which house they want and even when the leader is not in their house the members can teleport in for like plans and all that, you can also have clans on a list like friend list,
Friend Clans (0-20 Is limit)Rival Clans (0-20 Is limit) and you can challenge people on the rival teams to a duel and the leader picks who battles and they go in a special arena that is for those fights. And during those fights there are more taunts like "Our clan is the superior clan" or "Haha is that what you call strength well i think its the complete opposite" or whateves.
2: I think when you are about to fight a Fate of The Spiral Battle (Malistaire, Morganthe and newer villians) you pick something to say and they reply which are like taunts and stuff. But also in regular bosses they have it too but they are not as serious as the Fate of The Spiral one's. But when you create your character you pick a voise type to pick what you say and how you say it in a real voice like you are speaking. Like this
1:Cocky: Regular boss: 1:I won this before it started
2: You call this intimidating?
3:Ha no way am i gonna lose
1:Do I h-have t-to fight?
2:I dont know if i should...
3:W-why are y-you doing this?
1:Yeah lets get this started!
2:I am getting excited!!!
3:Yyyyyyyyyyesssssssss this is gonna be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
1:I need to experiment new spells
2: I need to examine your abilites
3:Let me do research.
1:You didnt think about me defeating you when you tried to destroy the spiral!
2:You cant destroy the spiral with someone as strong as me here!
3:I will save the spiral for i am too strong to lose!
1:Oh no if you can destroy the spiral i dont know if i can do it....
2:I am worried about who will win.....
3:This is very, very, bad.....
1:YYYYYYYYYYYYYeeeeeaaaaaaaahhh i am gonna save the spiral and have fun too!
2:This is gonna be awesome!!!!! Me saving the spiral!!!!!!!
3:YYYYeeeeesssssssssssssssss This is so amazing!
1:No time for experimates gotta work fast
2:Cant i have time to examine your skills?....
3:My research never told me about this!
Before attack (1 each)
Thats certaintly flashy
I need saving
Yyyyyyeaaaaaaahh give me all you got!!!!!
Let me examine.
Cool eh now on to 3
3:School specific Gauntlet.
A gauntlet set up to test the heroes abilities with their school without battling
Myth: Floor 1:Which one is a mythical creature
Floor 2: right symbol
Floor3: summon creature close to the picture
rest on part 2