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Wizard101 Guilds

Jun 03, 2017
So from my time on the forum I've seen a few posts about Guilds. I for one support this idea for many reasons. It will bring great benefits. One, Guilds bring in and break the constant cycle of Quest, Level up, Quest, Level up. Guild leaders and members can host events such as tournaments and parties. Two, I've seen a lot of replies on how this can be another way to "shame" low levels. I for one think that implementing this will HELP them! If you are recruiting for your guild in the commons and a low level comes up and wants to join, you accept them. If they need help with a dungeon, boss, or going to a location, help them! That's the main thing that guilds are made for, assisting others in times of crisis! Three, creating a guild feature will help with increased communication with other players. If someone can't find help from a friends, or in the commons. They can join a guild where they are sure to find some form of assistance in their problems. You don't HAVE to insert Guild Wars and such with the Guild system. You can slowly put it in, once people get a taste of how AMAZING guilds would be, put the idea of guild wars out there. If the people don't like it then hey, don't add it. But it's always a good idea to bring in new ideas. Guilds have been a topic that's been discussed many times on here, and KI has said they will not add it in. Why not? It's something new. If it doesn't work out the way you planned, take it out. I have a feeling adding it in will bring in a new addiction to Wizard101. Increasing attention span.
I may sound crazy saying this but please KI, give Guilds a chance.
Sincerely, a Wizard who's in love with Guilds.

Feb 28, 2014
I may not mind the idea but Kingsisle stated awhile back on KI live that there will not every be Guilds or Clans in the game. It will brings problems to as unfriendliness: trolling, players scamming one another and gangs. Kingsisle's goal it to keep their games safe and friendly for all ages.