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Wizard101 + Game System = Success?

Oct 15, 2008
WHAT IF KingsIsle somehow made Wizard101 a video game? Would it be a success? The joystick on a controller moves you around, one button serves as the "X" key, use the joystick to choose a card and who you want to hit (or, for wii, point the controller at the screen).
1. I can only get on the computer 2/7 days, so it would benefit me!
2. Someone who doesn't have a computer/requirements would buy this.

1. Paying another $40 or so for the game.
2. Have to have wireless connection (so I guess you would have to have a computer).
So I don't know... I know I would definately benefit from it, but not sure about other people. So basically I'm all for it but I definately understand why other people think it would be a bad idea, plus all the trouble it would take making the game.