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Wizard101 first report card

May 28, 2009
I was thinking what I would get for my first report card (levels 1-10) This is what i would get
Spell casting A-
Paying attention F
Pet training A+
Minion training A-

Teacher Review: (Cyrus) Melissa has shown she is very powerful and kind, yet lacks paying attention in class. One time I saw her doodling so I had her demonstrate for the class the spell I was teaching troll. When she casted it the troll went on a rampage and destroyed everything. She is very good with her minions and pets though. Though she let her first pet unicorn run wild around the class, luckily it didn't do much damage.
What would your first report card look like? (Levels 1-10)

Mar 04, 2010
I am saying i think you posted on my when malistaire is defeated. Good job.

Anyway my report card from level 1-10 would be

spell casting B- ( everyone knows storm does not have much accuracy, for i am storm.)
paying attention in class- A-

winning boss duels by self- C-

report card (Balestrom)
Garret Starflame is one of our most powerful students. Since he was so powerful, I rewarded him with triton spell (but he had some things to do to get it.) Garret also gets very excited with new spells. So it is hard for him to pay attention. Now he is level 41 and has one more spell to become a master. He does not have many minions he only has one. he does not use it that much and no storm minions have attacks. his minion only is bait for the enemy. (cant blame him on that storm minions don't have attacks except rotting fodder once in a while. Myth is a lot better at minions.)

Jan 17, 2010
actually this is for my current level 40
spell casting: A

listening: A+

PvP: F-

wand spells: A+


Attack: A+

Comments: ( Alhazred) Hunter is a good student wisely using judgement to it's full extent by making his power pip percentage one hundred percent using power play to do so then boosting with a balance blade, blade storm and a hex, all this with his balance boost of 21 percent... with that 21 percent he makes his wand do 110 damage as good as any creulian edge available in the crown shop. Although his pvp is horrible he is in dragonspyre easily picking off bosses... he is one of my best students and i hope to see him excell to level fifty in the future.

Jun 20, 2009
well, i guess this would be it for 1-10 for me:
Attention: C-
Pet control: F
Accuracy: B
PvP: D-
Overall grade: D
Report card (greyrose): Julia Rainbowgem is not my best student. I always have to remind her to come and get her new spells. Her pets like to run wildly around the classroom and she has gotten detention many times. Her strongest skill is accuracy, which is nessessary for an ice wizard. She has yet to win a PvP match and is on my list of "children that have magical troubles". I am trying to give her special help, seeing that most wizards her age are already Magus Thaumaturge, but she is only Apprentice Thaumuturge. I think that she should stay down a couple of grades.

lol just kidding
Attention: F
Pet Control: A
Accuracy: B
PvP: C+
Overall grade: B+
Julia Rainbowgem enjoys learning but does not pay enough attention in class. She is going slowly through Wizard City, but I do not think she needs any help. She is pretty good at battles, anyway.

Ok, my attention span stinks. But at least I didn't get report card number 1.