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wizard101 expanded

May 31, 2009
i think that it it would be really cool if wizard101 was on wii,kinect,and play station move at first it would need a usb cord to kinect to your computer and you type in your user name and password on the computer (the wii would reconize it and send it to your wii remote if you have 1) and then youd start game for the kinect it would follow you (like always) if you jogged in place than toke a turn it would run/fly and you can make up your own spell movements and to talk to someone youd jump. on the wii youd use the nunchucks and remote same thing for the play station move. or you buy the game and make a character but you could not get a subscription and it comes with 100,000 free crowns just for those that have a mac book (pro) youd still have to upload it but it would bring it once it knows that you have a mac book (pro)

May 13, 2011
A+ Student
Dec 11, 2010
marolin23 wrote:
good idea. club penguin has DS games so why not W101?

no it will not work out many people post this and they will most likely never do this

o and the 100,000 free crowns is insane and will make them broke if this connects with the real game
besides how are ya gonna talk on the wii because last time i checked wii is horible with typing stuff or even the kinic

this idea is a big