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Wizard101 Emoticons!

Sep 01, 2008
I was thinking about how Wizards don't have emoticons. I've seen a few MMO's with emoticons, and players having fun with them. Well, why not some for Wizards?

Here's my idea.

To open your emotes, you press "E". There are the basic emoticons (I.e happy :) , sad , mad , excited , etc ) to begin with. Once you have reached Grandmaster, you will get a special emoticon for your class.

Here are my ideas for the special class emotes.

Myth - A small minotaur will appear over your head, and it will swing its axe and the area around where it hit, will be white smoke (like the move) and after the white smoke fades, in yellow and blue it will say "Myth".

Storm - A small storm lord will appear over your head and it will "throw" a thunderbolt and the lighting (like the move) will appear and after it would say "Storm" in purple with yellow around the letters.

Ice - A small frost giant would appear and blow ice out of its mouth, and you would see "Ice" in icy blue letters.

Fire - A small meteor storm would appear overhead and a few meteors would smash down and there would be some white smoke and "Fire" in fiery red letters would appear.

Life - A small centaur would appear overhead and it would shoot and arrow (like the move) into a tree and when it finished exploding, you'd see "Life" in green letters with vines around it.

Balance - A small hydra would appear overhead and each of the heads would breathe Ice, Fire, or Storm into the air and afterwards it would say "Balance" in golden letters.

Death - A small wraith would appear overhead and lift up a blue "soul" (like the move) and throw it at the air and when it exploded, it would say "Death" in black letters outlined with gray.

Mar 18, 2009
First,love the name[I'm a big fan...hope they get together.]Second,THAT'S A GREAT IDEA.I like the idea of spell emoticons.