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Wizard101 Chat App

Jun 17, 2010
Hello KingsIsle,

I was wondering if y'all have ever though of a chat app. for Wizard101?

My thoughts for one would be to have it tie in with your in-game chat settings, that way it's still safe, and have an inbox of sorts. That way when you are not online in Wizard101 you can still talk with friends and also see when they log on to Wizard101. This would be very helpful, at least for me, when I am waiting for my friend(s) to come back online to help with questing or what ever the case may be. They could message me when they are about to get on and we wouldn't keep missing each other.

Feb 12, 2013
Oh my gosh I was about to post the exact same thing. Great minds think alike! I was also thinking that in addition to the chat with buddies feature, there could be a section to access the forum. Usually when I'm out of the house and want to access the forum on mobile, it doesn't load. This would be a really cool and useful app though. I hope it eventually is added.

Apr 01, 2013
Reading this, it's a nifty idea!

But it has so many flaws, for one, it's a mobile app. I don't think the filtering system for Wizard101 would work on mobile.
Another flaw would probably be that it would have to log you in for your friends to see that you're on your wizard, but say you have multiple wizards. Would you need to select which wizard?

Like I said at the start, nifty idea, but too many flaws. If only technology could make something like this happen.

(As well as it's basically copying the Minecraft Chat App. ^-^

Alejandro Story

Jan 22, 2014
Love this idea I sometimes am on all day waiting around for my friends to get on with an app we could talk to our friends to see when they can get on and have notifications telling us when they are on that would let us not have to spend all day waiting for people to get on

~Natalie lvl31