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Wizard101 and the Future of areas idea

Nov 07, 2009
Now, as the title suggests, I have a suggestion over the areas in wizard101. So I been playing this game since pretty much the start going back 10 years ago. I have played since Malistaire was the first arc boss and lvl 50 was the maxed lvl. I have now 5 maxed wizards and a lvl 75 in Avalon over the years I have played and have been a lover of this game. What crosses my mind is that the new max lvl is now 130 and the game has not moved its free player areas at all since the game has came out. I have played many MMO's and many games on my belt, and most of them offer at least a month free membership to new players and new accounts created to "drag" them into the game. This method works a lot of the time and allows the user to test the game as much as they like before the month expires. Once the month expires, the player is most likely going to pay for it more if they enjoyed the game. It breaks my heart to see the game is only free until lvl 8 still and literally has only 2-3 hours worth of gameplay for wizards. I have played the start of the game many times and calculated how long it took me to complete it, but being a experienced player it was easy. In reality it probably takes a new player 6-8 hours to complete the free areas.

I think it would be awesome if perhaps worlds like all of Wizard City, Krokotopia, and Marleybone were to become open to free players since there is now 20+ worlds in this game or if the game offered 1 month free membership to new players to help drag them into the game. Now I know this might be saying much, but as a crowns player, I would not mind this change, even if I bought these areas with crowns. I am all for this game, I love this game, and I want to see more people getting hooked early on instead of leaving after playing for a few hours because they had nothing else to do. This happened to me when I first started and I literally nearly forgot about this game until mid-way through the second arc when Avalon was introduced. I then finally grabbed my wallet and decided to do the $60 crown sale and give the game a shot and I am glad I did. The lore is amazing, the quantity the game offers is great, the community is great, and the strategy involved is top-notch for a strategy MMO style game. Sorry, if I seem like I am attacking anyone on this topic. I just feel like I need to throw in a suggestion after playing the game for so many years and seeing this for so long.


Chris Thundercloud