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Wizard Plaza

Nov 26, 2010
(This is my third time posting and I only commented on something once or twice today.. lol)
So, I thought, you know how The Commons has a lot of people in it each day? Well, I was thinking, maybe there should be a new area in Wizard101. A tunnel in The Commons that leads to "Wizard Plaza" and it has games kind of like in the Fairgrounds and maybe some other features like couches that people would sit around and then talk or just hang out? It could be member only area. It'd be like a nice little spot for members :D This is probably a lot to make, but I don't mind if you don't add it in-game. I can guess now that it would be hard developing a new area while working on part 2 in Khrysalis.

Jan 06, 2014
Yea. We members don't want to hear "I want a boy/I want a girl," but then imagine this. They buy the Membership only to do it to us. It would kick out anyone who said that for one day because we Members seriously don't want to hear that. We paid for it. We deserve to get another beifit to make Membership even better if your on a short budget!

Jan 03, 2013
That's more resorted to lobby rpg games like Habbo or Toontown (To a degree and still miss), it would deflect from what you need to do in the game which is defeat Malistaire and Morganthe and save the world. I like the idea for a Wizard's Plaza but I feel they can make this for certain events, not like a year round thing.
The entire quests and everything for Halloween can be moved there, and all other NPCs in the Shopping District would be placed here as well. With this too and what you make it sound to be a "big place", they can add more quests for holidays and throw special parties like something if we have another celebrity guest like the Jonas guy and Selena Gomez, (Still feel ripped off for not getting here in time for that) then it would be cool.

Best of Luck,
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Jun 18, 2012
Aug 25, 2013
purrfectgirl on Apr 13, 2014 wrote:
A mall would be better
We got the shopping district.

Enjoy your magical "mall"

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