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wizard housing

Nov 23, 2008
i'm confused, with the wizard houseing here are questions for administrators
1)will we be able to pick a street 2 live on such as unicorn way or cyclops lane?
2)what's the differance between castles and lands, and private castles and lands?
3)will we actualy get to buy castles?
4) will we have backyards?
5)will we be able to use the furnishings? like lay on beds, wite on desks, sit in chairs?

please answer this i'm soooo excited either way! keep up the good work wizard 101! :D

Aug 19, 2008
I am not an instructor...but have been scouring the web for more information. From what I have read:

-everyone will get a dorm room they can decorate.
-you can upgrade to a higher level (subscibing members only)
-there will be 2 levels of housing for each world
here I am slightly confused...but there will be a mid level and a "castle"
- you will "port" to your house or via your friends list to visit them
the pictures show a portal door like in the spiral
-we can decorate both the inside and outside (yard)
- items to decarate will come from coins, crowns, drops, and one thread called it "nicking"...finding an item and just picking it up around the world.

There are pictures on the web if you google wizard101 housing. Try it if your parents say its okay.

No release date; but they did say it would go to test in April and to open shortly thereafter.

I can't wait!

Jan 23, 2009
Can we buy more than one house? Can we have two different houses and switch them whenever we want? Please answer my questions