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wizard appearance suggestions

Jun 13, 2009
Wizard101 is one of the best games ever, in my opinion, but one major thing that bothers me is the appearance options of the wizard. I don't know about other wizards, but I really want to look unique. It's kind of annoying seeing tons of wizards looking like identical sisters and brothers running around the place.
Maybe there could be a new appearance chooser for wizards? Like the wizard can adjust height, hair length, eye shape, color of eyes, etc. I think it'd make the game even more popular cause every wizard could look unique in his or her own way. And since its a free play game but with in game purchases and memberships, maybe you could pay an amount of crowns to edit the appearance. Wizards would be the coolest game ever if that happened. Couldn't there be a tailor or something where u can edit the clothes too? It'd be so unique and most games wouldn't give that option. Feel free to give feedback, and I hope you guys like my idea!

Madison NightStone, lvl 88 wizard.