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Wizard 101 On Mac.

Feb 12, 2011
Okay, so I got wizard 101 on mac, but it's glitchy. I don't recomend it, but if you want give it a try. 8)

Apr 05, 2011
rocketlauncherdude wrote:
OK, try this:

Installing Wizard101 on an Intel Mac using Wine (Open Source Freeware)

This has worked on a Macbook Pro (OS 10.6) and a Macbook (OS 10.5). Other versions of Wine may work but I’m not volunteering to try them. Also, I have not fully tested this so YMMV and use at your own risk.

1) Download InstallWizard101.exe from https://www.wizard101.com/game/downloadinstructions
2) Download WineBottlerCombo_1.1.44.dmg (BETA) from http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/
3) Double-click WineBottlerCombo_1.1.44.dmg and drag'n'drop Wine to your Applications folder. Forget WineBottler since it isn’t necessary and has additional dependencies (requires Mac Developer Tools and MacPorts).
4) Go to Applications folder and double-click Wine (puts a wineglass in the Apple Menubar)
5) Click on the wineglass and select Configuration > “Prefix created successfully”
6) Close Configuration window (and any other windows)
7) Click on wineglass and select Winetricks
8) Put a check in: d3dx9 (MS d3dx9_??.dll) and vcrun2005
9) Click Apply and close Winetricks
10) Click on wineglass and select Control Panel
11) Double-click Add/Remove Programs and click on Install
12) Navigate to where you downloaded wizard101.exe and select Programs (*.exe) from the drop-down “Files of” window
13) Select InstallWizard101.exe and click open
14) Click Play > sign-on page will show ASCII characters instead of graphics
15) Enter Username and Password and click on Login (sometimes takes twice)
16) Once the Play button appears click on Settings and select Advanced Video Tab
17) Uncheck Fullscreen and Apply
18) Click OK
19) Click Play (the first time loading will take a while)
>>> In Options leave Resolution blank and Fullscreen OFF

To use, navigate to: your home directory/Wine Files/drive_c/Program Files/KingsIsle Entertainment/Wizard101

- right-click wizard101.exe and select Get Info. Change "Open with" to Wine in drop down window (if it isn't already)
- right-click wizard101.exe and select Create Alias. You can then drag this alias to your dock

* You may need to install a later version of X11 (XQuartz) as well. I had to install 2.4.0 on the Macbook. Get it here: http://xquartz.macosforge.org/trac/wiki

I followed all of these instructions to the letter and everything seemed to work until I got to step 16. When clicking on settings no window pops up and the full screen mode doesn't seem to work. The game seems to work but all I get is a blank white screen in the corner. My mouse changes to a wand and I can hear the 'pop' sounds as if I'm mousing over buttons but all I still see is a blank white screen. Is there a way to manually edit the settings or some other such method?

I've just dropped quite a bit on some prepaid cards for my kids as Easter gifts so the Crossover option isn't an option for me right now.

Feb 10, 2010
RocketLauncher -

I had a fine time working Wine up until the install wizard101.exe. I clicked on it, and it brought up the normal play window where you enter username and password, except with strange characters up top instead of the usual announcements. However, after entering my username and password, it loaded up to the point of Data/Gamedata/Root.wad. At this point it stopped loading, and reverted back to enter unsername and password. I tried entering my username a few more times and every time it would load up until this, then stop. I'm unsure what to do or where I went wrong.

Feb 10, 2010
Too quick on the draw, I restarted and reinstalled the whole program. Ran it again and can now get up to the point when I click on the play button. I tried to click on settings to change them before i start the game, but it will not open anything when I click on settings. I can click play, and it opens the initial wizard start-up window (with the wizard/witch and Wizard101 logo). But then it crashes and says there's an error do I want to report. Again I have tried to get this to work several times in Wine without actually getting the program up and running.

Jan 30, 2011
Oh, the trials and tribulations of getting Windows programs to work on a Mac. My current install on my Macbook Pro is still working, but the Macbook got a clean install of OS 10.6, deleting the W101 install. When I went back through the steps I outlined I also ran into problems - Winetricks is broken. So, here is another and arguably better solution (it creates a W101 Mac app) which is also freeware:

1) Download PlayOnMac (I got the latest which is 2.4.5) from:


2) Download Wizard101.exe from:


3) Copy the PlayOnMac from its disk image to your applications folder (I couldn't get it to work if I put it anywhere else)

4) Run PlayOnMac from your applications folder

5) It will then walk you through installing XQuartz (I allowed incoming connections) and MS fonts

6) When all of the above is completed (make sure each step completes before hitting the next button) click on Install from the PlayOnMac window

7) Click on Install an unsupported program in the bottom left corner of the window

8) Choose Install a program in a new prefix

9) Choose a name ( I chose Wizard101)

10) Ignore next screen and click Continue

11) Browse to where you downloaded InstallWizard101.exe (I had copied mine from the downloads folder to the desktop) and select

12) Install Wizard101 by clicking on play

13) When W101 login window comes up close it without signing in

14) Wait for the install to complete

15) Create shortcut (I named it Wizard101.exe)

You should now have a Wizard101.exe.app on your desktop. Put it in your applications folder and you now have W101 mac app!

Let me know if you have any problems and I will respond. Have Fun playing W101! :D

Feb 10, 2010
Unfortunately, I have an older mac, OS X 10.5.8. PlayonMac needs OS 10.6 to run. And the software cost to update is too much, I might as well buy a new computer.
I'll keep looking, I just can't see paying $30 every six months for crossover games, $10 a month ($60 a year) for Wizard. That's $90 a year, at the cheapest, just to play a game! I would pay the monthly, but not the extra for crossover games.
Really, it would be smart of KingsIsle - since Apple is a huge market with a growing number of people making the switch from PC to Mac - to create a way to play wizard101 without the added cost to us. It's not even about being fair, it's about recognizing a market of users they could potentially bring in to make more money. Right now, all the added cost (buying crossover) and time put in (trying to get this game to work on FreeWare or making crossover work), will fend off most mac users from Wizard. And KingsIsle, with so many people using Apple computers exclusively, why not just put in the time to make the game more accessible?

Jan 30, 2011
If your HW only supports 10.5 you are kinda stuck for a free method. However, you could try Wineskin from:


Wineskin advertises to support 10.5 and is free. I no longer have a way to even test for 10.5 otherwise I'd give it a try for you. The website for the Winebottler download I first listed instructions for has a ticket open for this problem but I have no idea when it will get fixed. In fact, you made it farther in your install than I did earlier this week (the Winetricks window shows empty for me). This is the value CrossOver Games provides - timely ongoing support. However, if your HW does support 10.6 it is a one-time $29 upgrade from Apple. My kids have only been using PlayonMac for a couple of days but it appears to work even better than the earlier method.

Dec 21, 2009
I am replacing the last message I had posted on here regarding the troubles I had with codeweavers. Since then there have not been freezing or crazy errors. Occasionally it will stall during a round change in battle, but other than that things have been going really well with playing this on my Mac.

Saffron IronThorn,
Legendary Pyromancer

Nov 26, 2009
hawn89 wrote:
Wait, there's a way to get wizard101 on a mac?
Does that require bootcamp or something, though? I would love to run wizard101 on my mac...but I'm not too excited about running windows on it, too, since I would only really use windows for wizard101.
they should make it on mac to cause i go to my dads friends house and i want to play but there's only mac there :p[u

Jul 15, 2010
Professor Greyrose wrote:
Our good friends at Codeweavers have created a community page for Wizard101 on Mac and Linux. Watch their "How-to-Install" video to learn how to run Wizard101 on your Mac or Linux system using CrossOver.

You will also find a special offer for purchasing CrossOver in order to run Wizard101!

Visit their site today at
thank you professor but with the wizard 101 membership and having to buy the crossover games for $40 every six months it gets expensive. Kingisle if you read this please try to get this game compatible with a mac

Aug 24, 2010
You should have Wizard101 for iPad. I myself have Wizardblox, but it's nowhere NEAR Wizard101!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dad brings me to work on school holidays, and I end up just sitting there, thinking about life, and waiting for the end of the end of the day when I can go home to play Wizard101. PLEASE make a Wizard101 app for iPad!!!
Everyone who agrees, say 'aye!'

Jul 15, 2010
winx1122 wrote:
You should have Wizard101 for iPad. I myself have Wizardblox, but it's nowhere NEAR Wizard101!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dad brings me to work on school holidays, and I end up just sitting there, thinking about life, and waiting for the end of the end of the day when I can go home to play Wizard101. PLEASE make a Wizard101 app for iPad!!!
Everyone who agrees, say 'aye!'
that is a good idea I don't have a laptop so I cant ever sit in a comfortable while playing the game. But I am always on my iPad while in my bed reading the message boards and commenting. Wizard 101 iPad app would be awesome but sadly I have to admit there would be problems granted this is a touchscreen device to move your wizard around you would have to drag your finger around or something so I don't know how this would work but it is a good start nonetheless. Kingisle could start experimenting with it. CharlesDragonBlood Level 59 Pyromancer Dragonspyre Explorer

Jun 12, 2011
Wizard 101 on mac would be pretty cool but if u really like wizard 101 just get bootcamp and windows for your mac

Jun 21, 2009
Even when you use Bootcamp, Wizard101's still glitchy. Please Make a version for Mac. It may cost money and such, but it would help you make more money.

Jun 11, 2011
my firend has a mac but she doesn't want to pay200 dollars just to upload windows...... how come you made it for dell but not mac?

Aug 05, 2009
Jun 07, 2010
i have an acer with enternet explorer. i dont no what is wrong with mine but when i login it says unavailable to connect to wizard101 then it will say quit, but it worked fine before can anyone help me?

Jul 11, 2011
Whaaa?-Wait-what are you guys talking about? I have Windows and I use mac and it works! Maybe you need comcast..? But otherwise go ask your parents,maybe they'll know :-).

-Abagail PearlFoutain

Jun 16, 2011
Feb 07, 2010
I have an iMac and I would like to no if I can play wizard 101 for free like not buying windows are any thing else pls help!! Thank you

Oct 10, 2010
Well guys. Mac does not work with Flash Adobe. You need that in order to play the game. I have an I pad2, I would love for Mac to work with flash, it would be kind of fun to play wizard101 on your iPad or I phone( and Mac computer)

Dec 14, 2009
hmm...... Interesting. :|

From Your Friend,
Kristen Bluegarden
Level 60 Life

Jul 27, 2011
Jun 19, 2009
I want it full on Mac. I don't want to have to download crossover. I wanna go to the website and just start playing like a PC. It would make playing SO much easier rather than playing on an old laptop. Plus, it would get Kingsisle MORE money and players!!!

Apr 06, 2010
You can only play wizard101 on windows it doesn't work on macs, i tried it before it only works on windows