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Wizard 101 DS game?

Dec 23, 2008
If any administrators are out there, please consider the following.

Like most people here I love playing Wizard 101 but I also have a DSi (DS). I belive that the spiral should somehow be made to play on handheld devices.
Lvl 24,Thaumaturge
Isaiah Frostmender

Feb 08, 2009
well, this is a interesting idea, you wont be able to play online, but up to four friends could join together, and there are other posibilities, but you have to think about how much you would need to put into that game, it takes months on end to make a game, and with a mmo, it takes much more to keep it running and add more, i see where you are coming from, but it would take too long, too much money for a good game, maybe a decent one if they were to cut back on things, and you have to think about this game as well, a new world dont come out of a days work, and to cut the caracter moddles to the right way, i may not be one, but i would want to be a game designer, and i hope i am close to hitting the nale on the head with this, sorry to put you down, i like the idea, but i dont think it will work.

Dec 23, 2008
I understand where you are coming from, but i just wanted to post an idea that i had. :D I share the same feeling as you with the "game" but I still think that it whould be a good idea. With the new Dsi's you can even access the internet so it is possible to play your wizard on it. ( just an idea.)
But you are right it will probably never be made.

Dec 09, 2008
Even a solo version would be fun enough. Port it, please! I bet there are business reasons it won't be feasible though.

Jun 30, 2009
Hello! I am the un-appointed Admin here. But, I don't really think it would because it would take so much time and power just to put all of it into the game. And you can't go live unless you're connected to an Internet Source or WiFi. But, it would be nice to take Wizard101 on the go wherever you want it to go. And all of the special effects would take awhile. And if there was ever a bug on the game, KingsIsle can't fix it since it's not on the Internet and you bought it. So, that's why I think it's not such a good Idea!!
~ Love to hear your ideas.

~ Rogan DuskWhisper (Grandmaster of Storm)
~ Rogan DuskWhisper (Grandmaster of Balance)
~ Jonathan WildVault (Master of Nature)
~ Sloan AshGarden (Magus Necromancer)

Aug 09, 2009
That would be awesome my brother Luke StarSong

He cant log in HE HAD MINOTAUR XD but any ways he has a DSI so he would tottaly buy that but that would intterupt him from FFXIII
but that would be awesome W101 to be DSI